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I am Presentation

No description

kaitlyn w.

on 6 October 2015

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Transcript of I am Presentation

I am
Kaitlyn Wang

I was born in San Diego, CA on February 4th, 2002. I was almost born in Alabama, but my parents decided that Alabama was not satisfactory enough so they drove across the United States and birthed me here. I am currently 13 years old. I'm an Aquarius, and my personality according to the Meyer-Briggs scale is infp.
I have been playing piano since I was 5 years old. I recently switched teachers, and now I am working toward competing nationally and internationally in piano. My teacher's students all have performed at places like Carnegie Hall and beyond and this, with many other things, act as an encouragement and reminder that it is my goal to be able to do this as well. My practice hours range from 1 and half to 2 hours a day.
Ballet is another form of the arts that I do. I have been dancing with Southern California Ballet since I was 7 years old. Every year in December, our studio/company perform The Nutcracker and it has become a sort of tradition. I received my pointe shoes in June in 2014. Having the right to dance in pointe shoes is kind of like passing from a younger dancer to a more advanced one, and is a pretty big deal.
(this doesn't count as a category, just an introduction)
Friends are people in your life given to you by God. They keep you happy and support you and is a necessity to life. I am very grateful for the friends I had, have, and will have. They have impacted me in a very positive way and I learned many things from every one of them.
I have had one friend, Nikki, for pretty much my whole life. You would think that knowing a person for that long would be pretty tiring, and you would be fed up with that person by now. But somehow, Nikki and I haven't. We always seem to have the same interest at the same time. It's nice to have someone who can finish your sentences and knows more about you than most other people.
I like to think that we all have invisible strings tied around our ankles and these strings are the things who somehow lead us to the people we need when we need them the most.
That one picture describes our relationship quite well. We laugh, a lot. We tell each other everything (gossip girls keke) and have way too many inside jokes. In most Asian families, the mom is often described as "the tiger mom" or something like that, but my mom is the complete opposite of that.
My mother is also a really hardworking person. When my dad was still going to college in Alabama, she worked as a waitress to earn the extra money. When we moved to California, she worked during the day, and went to night classes at night, all while taking care of me. I grew up, and she was working 6 days a week, getting up extremely early in the morning. She is dedicated to this family that we have and I really appreciate and admire her for it.
When we moved into our new house in 4s Ranch that we live in now, the backyard was completely empty, just a dirt field. Now, it thrives with a countless number of fruit trees and rose bushes, a humble pond with water lilies blooming in the spring, and a young maple tree. My dad was the one who, every single Saturday for about a year, would tramp outside directly after breakfast, and spend the whole day under the scorching sun outside, working on this backyard. Later I asked him why didn't he just hire somebody else to do it and saved him all the pain. He answered "I wanted to make it perfect for us."
I watched my first korean drama when I was in 4th grade, and since then Korea, dramas, and kpop have been one of my main interests.
Korean dramas waste a lot of time. Each drama consists of about 20 to 24 hours of complete dedication. But I still, stubbornly, have continued to watch them for 4 years.
During the summer between 7th and 8th grade (this summer) I watched a drama called I Can Hear Your Voice. This drama's plot and storyline was ingenious, and the last few episodes had me sobbing, shaking, and throwing pillows across the room. It affected me quite a lot, too much maybe, for a fictional world. Conclusion: dramas have become a big part of my life (whether I like it or not).
I decided to self study Korean over the summer. Learning Korean has been one of my goals, and I finally decided to do something about it. During my college years, I would love to be an exchange student in Korea, and study for a few years there. I'm very interested in what Seoul, and other cities, really feel like.
I believe music is a living thing. Musicians are the conductors of the electricity that is music. We tell the world through our playing what the music is trying to say.
Sometimes, when I go to sleep, I wear my headphones, turn up the volume, and let the music penetrate into my mind. In the silence, the music is the only thing existent.
Imagine if we could touch and see music. Some music would be tendrils of baby blue air, slipping past your fingertips, and other music would be hot and angry, stabbing at you. Soft pinks, caressing, and a crisp green, skipping on the currents of the wind. I would love it if music could live among us.
My favorite type of music is romantic. Romantic music emphasizes the importance of hearing~a technique where you hear the music in your mind before playing it out naturally. This helps you reach how you want your music to sound faster. Romantic music also allows for freedom in tempo, whereas baroque and classical do not. This way, I can change tempos slightly when the music softens or reaches a peak and helps me express things easier.
Other than classical music, I also love other styles. I was into bands such as Fall Out Boy when I was younger, and then, as I started to get interested in Korea, korean pop, or more commonly known as k-pop.
Chopin is my bias romantic composer. His concertos and nocturnes are very beautiful, and basically all his works were written for his girlfriend.
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