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Global Product Jeans

No description

Philipp Starke

on 20 April 2013

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Transcript of Global Product Jeans

France Kazakhstan The cotton gets harvested Turkey Cotton is yarned Taiwan Cotton-yarn gets colored with chemical indigo Poland Weaving Production of lining and labels with washing instruction Italy Production of buttons and washouts Honduras All components are stitched together Greece Pumice stone
washing USA Designing Australia Jeans are sold Africa Worn jeans sold again
covered distance:
ca. 70000 km http://www.globalisierung-fakten.de/globalisierung/was-ist-globalisierung/

http://education.nationalgeographic.com/education/encyclopedia/globalization/?ar_a=1 Sources Effects on our lives as consumers Environmental pollution
Child labor
Poor working conditions + pay Negative aspects ..and the life of the workers producing our Jeans Why the jeans is not produced in only one country
Technological progress
Communication technologies
Transportation technologies
Liberalization of
global trade Reasons for globalization Introduction
Reasons for globalization
The way of the jeans
Why the Jeans is not produced in only one country
Effects on our lives as consumers
...and the lives of the workers
Negative aspects Table of contents The Jeans and Globalization a presentation by Leonie Jonas and Philipp Starke Definition Introduction Lower prices
Greater variation Cheap wage levels
Profit for company The way of a pair of jeans
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