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A2 Psychology - Relationships lesson 6

The Investment model

Amanda Lane

on 29 April 2016

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Transcript of A2 Psychology - Relationships lesson 6

Just like the social exchange theory, satisfaction is the outcome a relationship. These are then compared to certain standards we have about what we expect from a relationship (comparison level).
What is investment theory?
Investment theory is the idea that commitment is linked to the likelihood that a relationship will last. Rusbult (1983) identified that levels of commitment are affected by 3 factors:
Lesson Objective:
To apply the theory of investment to the maintenance of relationships.
Quality of alternatives
If an individual perceives that an attractive alternative to their current situation exists then they will start move away from their current relationships. If no such alternative exists then an individual will persist with their present relationship due to a lack of other alternatives.

No relationship is considered an attractive alternative!
The level of investment relates to the amount contributed to the stability of a relationship. Investment is anything that a person puts in that can be lost if it broke down.
Evaluation of the investment mode
Read the Le and Ahnew meta- analysis on pg107

Does the research support or refute the Investment model?

What are the conclusions of the study?

What is a meta-analysis and why is this type of research useful?
The Investment model (Rusbult 1983)
A2 Psychology - Relationships
Quality of alternatives
If the outcomes surpass the comparison levels then the relationship is satisfying. Similarly if the expectation falls short the relationship is not satisfying.
What examples can you think of?
Application of knowledge..
Using the investment model and its three components answer this question....
Why do people in abusive relationships stay?
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