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NTSYS Software

No description

Reza Shabani

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of NTSYS Software

Numerical Taxonomy
Multivariate Analysis
System NTSYSpc is a system of programs that is used to find and display structure in multivariate The program was originally
developed for use in biology but has also been widely used in morphometrics, ecology, and in many other
disciplines in the natural sciences, engineering, and the humanities Screening and subsequently selection of individuals is one of the methods to facilitate intensive study of massive populations. The present paper is showing how we can integrate this powerful software with Microsoft
Office Word and Excel in an innovative method to cluster, screen and more varied individuals selection in a
populated group studying. NTSYSpc is one of the most popular softwares being used in molecular genetic qualitative data cluster analysis. the most common use of NTSYSpc is for performing various types of agglomerative cluster analysis of some type of similarity or dissimilarity matrix (Rolf, 1998 and TariNezhad et al., 2005). It aims to ignore the most similar individuals and consider the ones with the most difference in biodiversity studies of populations (Tanaka et al., 2004) A step by step procedure has been explained here in detail. Using this method may
help to select the individuals with the highest possible difference from others in a large population using a
logical and mathematical protocol with high accuracy based on the least relativeness with other individuals. Step by Step procedure Why do we need genetic diversity? Adaptability to disease and other stressors
Basic ingredient from which we can select and make genetic improvement
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