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April Raintree


Josh D

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of April Raintree

Chapter 3
- April moves in with the DesRosier's on the outskirts of Aubigny.
Chapter 4
- Cheryl comes to live with April and the DesRosier's.
Chapter 5
- There are multiple rumors started by Maggie and Ricky about April.
Chapter 6
- The girls get a new social worker and April leaves the DeRosier's
April Raintree

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Chapter 14
Chapter 15
Chapter 16
Chapter 17
- Cheryl and April's parents are alcoholics and cannot take care of them.
- Baby Anna is born.
- Cheryl and April were apprehended from their parents by Child and Family Services.
- Cheryl and April end up in an orphanage.
- Cheryl and April both move into seperate foster homes. April moves in with the Dions.
- Cheryl and April reunite with their parents at the Children's Aid office
- Maman Dion gets very ill and due to that April has to be moved to another foster home.
- The DesRosier's are very disrespectful towards April because she is Métis and give her large amounts of chores.
- April is bullied at school and also at home by the DesRosier children.
- Cheryl is also treated the same way and gets bullied at school.
- Cheryl and April try to run away but the RCMP finds them.
- Cheryl leaves the DesRosier's, leaving April with them.
- No one believes April, including the guidance counselor, when she says the rumors are lies
- April is accepted into St-Bernadette's Academy.
- April gets a summer job.
- April is no longer a foster child and moves into her own apartment.
- Cheryl is no longer a foster child.
- April becomes a secretary and Cheryl decides to become a social worker (attending the University of Winnipeg).
- Garth Tyndall was Cheryl's boyfriend until he broke up with her because he was embarassed to be seen with her (a métis).
- Jerry McAllister (a University professor) became April's boyfriend until April found out he was a married man.
- April meets Bob Radcliffe and they end up getting married.
- April moves to Toronto with Bob and finds out how wealthy he is.
- Cheryl comes to visit but ends up getting in an arguement with April and decides to return to Winnipeg to find their parents.
- Cheryl leaves Toronto
- April discovers that Bob is having an affair with Heather Langdon and asks for a divorce.
- April gets a phone call from the Health Sciences Centre saying Cheryl is in the hospital. April decides to fly back to Winnipeg to see what is wrong her sister.
- Cheryl is in the hospital and had been under the influence of alcohol and suffered of hyporthermia
- April gets the news that Cheryl has dropped out of University and moved in with a guy named Mark DeSoto.
- April is asked to go pick up Cheryl's belongings because she does not want to live there anymore. When April arrives at the house she is approached by some men who grab her and take her to a remote location and later on rape her.
- April liberates herself from the men and finds a farmhouse to call the police.
- April goes back to Toronto for the divorce hearing and gets money from Bob.
- With that money Cheryl and April decide to buy a house.
- April meets Roger Maddison and become very close friends.
- The sisters finally move into their new house.
- April decides to go to a Pow Wow with Cheryl to see the Native culture from a different perspective.
- April's rape trial is underway and one man is caught.
- Cheryl takes April to the Friendship Centre.
- One man testifies that Cheryl is a prostitute and one of the rapists was proven guilty.
- Cheryl rarely ever sees April except when she's drunk.
- Cheryl tells April everything that happened during the two years she was away. She finds out her mother commited suicide jumping of the Louise Bridge. Cheryl also found their dad and discovers the truth of who he really is.
- Cheryl leaves and never comes back.
- April and Roger search for Cheryl for several weeks.
- Nancy calls April saying that she has been staying with them but she left, and thought she was going to do something bad. April decides to call the police. She suddenly thought that maybe Cheryl was going to jump off the Louise Bridge just like their mother did, so they rushed to the Louise Bridge. When they arrived there were people saying that they had witnessed someone jump off the bridge and immediately April and Roger knew it was Cheryl.
- April finds Cheryl's journals and discovers all of what Cheryl had been going through for the past years.
- At the end April finds out that Cheryl had a little boy named Henry Liberty Raintree.
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