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Conjugation of Regular Spanish verbs (Present tense -ar, -er, -ir)

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Bryce Garrett

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Conjugation of Regular Spanish verbs (Present tense -ar, -er, -ir)

START Review If you were to look at a Spanish dictionary "hablar" ends in "-ar" so therefore it is considered an "-ar" verb which has a different conjugation than "-er" or "-ir" verbs "-ar", "-er", and "-ir" verbs I eat = yo como
you eat = tu comes
he/she eat = ellos come
we eat = nosotros comemos
you all eat = vosotros comeis
they eat = ellos comen Spanish Conjugation of "-er" verbs yo -o nosotros -imos
tu -es vosotros -is
el/ella -e ellos -en Spanish Conjugation of "-ir" verbs you would find many verbs, such as:
hablar= to speak
comer= to eat
decidir= to decide The problem is, in Spanish you are not able to use the infinitive "hablar" to describe who did the action, such as:
I speak is not yo hablar
you speak is not tu hablar
(formal) you speak is not usted hablar
we speak is not nosotros hablar
you all speak is not vosotros hablar
they speak is not ellos hablar Instead the Spanish verb"hablar" has to be conjugated so that it describes who is doing the action (verb) so Here is the correct forms for "-ar" verbs:
I speak = yo hablo
you speak = tu hablas
he/she speak = el/ella habla
we speak = nosotros hablamos
you all speak = vosotros hablais
they speak = ellos hablan Here are some examples... "-ar" verbs
-hablar = to speak
-caminar = to walk
-ayudar = to help
-preguntar =to ask
-estudiar = to study "-er" verbs
-comer = to eat
-beber = to drink
-correr = to run
-comprender = to understand
-leer = to read "-ir" verbs
-decidir = to decide
-escribir= to write
-recibir = to receive
-abrir = to open
-assistir = to assist yo -o nosotros -imos tu -es vosotros -is
el/ella -e ellos -en yo -o nosotros -emos
tu -es vosotros -eis
el/ella -e ellos -en I decide = yo decido
you decide = tu decides
he/she decide = el/ella decide
we decide = nosotros decidimos
you decide = vosotros decidis
they decide = ellos deciden Comer = to eat decidir = to decide Each type of verb (-ar, -er, -ir)is conjugated differently... "-ir" "-er" "-ar" yo -o nosotros -emos
tu -es vosotros -eis
el/ella -e ellos -en yo -o nosotros -amos
tu -as vosotros -ais
el/ella -a ellos -an
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