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No description

navya mahajan

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of RED EYED TREE FROG!

Habitat By Navya Mahajan 601 Central
America Red Eyed Tree Frog inhabit in
Lowland Rainforest which are
near rivers, streams or ponds.
They will need to be near water
for several reasons like water and
tadpoles! CENTRAL AMERICA Red Eyed Tree Frog
live in Central America. More
specifically in Costa Rica. Scientific Name Agalychnis Callidrays Phylum Chordata Class Amphibians Genus Agalychnis Species callidryas APPEARANCE AND ADAPTATIONS Red eyed tree frog have:
*Bright green skin to camouflage
them in their environment. ( Structural adaptation)

* They also have bold red eyes for them to see in the dark. (Structural Adaptation)(Structural Adaptation)

*They also have sticky pads under the feet so they can easily climb things and stick stiffly on it. FOOD & DIET Red eyed tree frog's food includes soft bodied invertebrates like spiders, grasshoppers, ants etc. The red eyed tree frog waits for their prey and when they are close enough, it take out it's speedy tongue and catches the prey.
Red eyed tree frog is a carnivore and it's predators include snakes, birds , bats etc. Interesting Facts * Red Eyed Tree Frog are about the size of
a tea cup.
*Red Eyed Tree Frog are in fact great pets!
* Red Eyed Tree Frog are great climbers
* Red Eyed Tree Frog are actually brown when they are born.
* Red Eyed Tree Frog were discovered in 1862 Movement Red Eyed Tree Frog can jump, walk , run & climb but does not prefer jumping. Red Eyed Tree Frog are skilled climbers and they climb leaves to sleep and when are running from predators they climb trees or other "out of reach" places! Breathing RED EYED TREE FROG INTRODUCTION BREATHING Red eyed tree frog breath with lungs when they are adults but when they are tadpoles they breath through gills! They also breath through their skin!! REPRODUCTION Circulations Red Eyed Tree Frogs are cold blooded animal and stay in the sunlight to stay warm!
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