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About me! :)

No description

Bailey Radcliff

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of About me! :)

Bailey Radcliffe Hi I'm Bailey Radcliffe. I was born in Oklahoma and moved to
Texas when i was just one years old. But i love Williamsburg so far. :P I have been home schooled all my life. So
being at Williamsburg is a new thing for me. I LOVE sports!!! <3 and i have a soft spot for music. I play the piano. I love being outside and i have a huge imagination. (which sometimes makes it hard to sit still for long, that's where i'm learning self discipline) :P I love chocolate ice cream and archery. i confess i love to watch movies too. :D Some of my favorite books are.. Percy Jackson series, Chronicles of Narnia, the Eragon series, And The Hobbit. There are many others but i would bore you half way through. :P Thanks For.... Watching!! Like i said earlier i love music. I have a passion for blues and jazz. It just is so cool. I like Dino (Dean Martin), Frank Sinatra, and others. I love Johnny Cash and Michael Buble. I also have a tendency to hear a song and love it. And there really random songs. I also like some Taylor Swift music, along with Adele. I also have a tom boy side. (my dad always wanted a boy, so far he hasn't gotten one yet so he decided to make me a tom boy) I like fast sports cars and i do like weapons... it's kinda weird for a girl i know but they are fun.
When i was a little girl the only game i would play was Teenage Mutant Turtles. I even crawled through a sewer with a friend of mine for the sake of TMNT. (even though i got in trouble, it was one of the best days of my life) I also love horses. I go and ride horses weekly with some friends of mine. I dream to be a barrel racer and a horse trainer. (i really have a bunch of things i want to do. I may have to much) But nonetheless i love doing different things and trying new stuff. Btw that's not me. I just thought the picture was awesome. Now that's me :)
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