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Effective CV's

Take 2!

Matt Wojtyniak

on 17 July 2012

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Transcript of Effective CV's

Effective CVs
What's in a modern, sector specific CV?
Some interesting examples:
CV length and layout:
if possible keep to 1 page.
never longer then 2 pages.
use a clear font, not smaller than size 10.
clearly show breaks between sections.
Employment history:
start from most recent employment.
provide as detailed dates as possible.
provide a job title and the name of the employer.
write a brief, but detailed and relevant, description of your main duties.
have one copy that states all the jobs you've done - but send one with only relevant jobs or the last 10 years of work.
Purpose of CV:
to shortlist you for an interview
to help complete application forms
to help prepare for interviews
Personal profile:
This has to be interesting so the employer will want to find out more. Present your personal strengths, but avoid cliche's like 'teamwork' or 'communication' - everyone has that on their CV and it isn't really engaging.
Summarise your experience
Future direction
Work ethic
Your motivations
Education / Training:
state most recent first.
if lots of training completed - list only relevant training.
If you have a long employment history - there is no need to go into details of education (GCSE results etc.)
Personal interests / Hobbies:
Keep this part short.
Make it interesting.
Be neutral (e.g. don't mention that you go hunting)
Do not need to be specified in CV:
"References are available upon request"
If you can obtain good references from all your previous employers, SAY SO.
If you are listing your referees, give as many contact details as possible.
At the end:
Adjust it to the specific job / industry.
Make sure someone checks it.
Use good quality paper - presentation is important.
Always print - don't photocopy.
Key skills:
Keep these specific to the job.
These are your technical skills.
Always have an example ready to explain further.
Keem them detailed (not just - IT skills, but list specific software you are familiar with)
Matt Wojtyniak
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