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Kronos and Zeus

No description

Matthew Hartley

on 29 January 2015

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Transcript of Kronos and Zeus

Kronos and Zeus
Kronos and Zeus

Kronos was god of the sky just like his father had been.
he wanted to change his fate and rule forever.
whenever his wife had a baby he took the child and swallowed it.
when his wife was going to have her fifth child she went to her mother and asked her to protect her child from being swallowed by Kronos.
the mother kept the child, named Zeus, on an island and raised him to be a mature god
soon Zues went to his father, with the father not knowing who he is, he gave Kronos a drink to make him throw up the children he swallowed.
he threw them up and they were all fully grown.
Zeus told him he was here to take the throne
Kronos wouldnt give up the throne without a fight
Zeus made an alliance with the giants and cyclopses and won the war.
Kronos became God of the sky.
Gaea always warned him about one day that his son would overpower him just like he did with his father.
Didnt keep his promise to Gaea.
Rhea had another child and instead of feeding Kronos the baby she gave him a rock to replace it.
Conection to modern world
In the myth Zeus and Kronus, Kronus takes over with one to stop him. which was like some countries that people took over and did whatever they wanted until someone came to help them like Zeus did in the myth.
Moral and lesson
The moral of this story is that what comes around goes around. A bad deed is always meet by punishment.
This is more comely known as Karma.
Zeus is the son that will overpower Kronos.
He gave his father something to drink which made him throw up all the children he swallowed
He then got older and got up the courage to overpower his father and he finally was able to.
kronos at his throne
War between Kronos and Zeus
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