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Energy Action - Presentation

A presentation on weatherization programs and key learnings from British Columbia prepared for the 2013 Energy Action conference in Dublin, Ireland.

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Transcript of Energy Action - Presentation

THANK YOU ENERGY ACTION! - European Conference 2013 - WEATHERISATION PROGRAMMES: A Canadian Perspective Ryan Coleman, Founder / CEO
Ecolighten Energy Solutions Ltd. - IRELAND TO VANCOUVER - - 4,467 miles / 7,188kms - SO WHAT HAVE WE LEARNED? RENEW PROGRAM ENERGY CONSERVATION ASSISTANCE PROGRAM ENERGY SAVINGS KIT PROGRAM Basic energy-saving products, easy-to-install

CFLs, weather-stripping, pipe wrap, water conservation, etc.

Bulk and direct install programs

62,000 ESKs installed to-date Personalized energy audit and installation of basic and extended measures

Evaluator determines which energy-efficiency measures are installed

Homeowners, renters, housing providers and aboriginal communities are eligible

7,300 participants to-date Innovative training and certification program

Providing a "hand-up not hand-out" to build trades in energy-efficiency

Three-to-five week training combining classroom, coaching and hands-on upgrading

68 participants with new hires into contracting crews WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? & SO WHAT HAVE WE LEARNED? WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? AGENDA Market Background Existing Programmes Key Learning Next Evolution Energy Saving Kits (ESK)
Energy Conservation Assistance Program (ECAP)
Residential Energy & Efficiency Works (RENEW) Programme Design
Programme Management
Programme Mobilisation Advanced Metering
Dynamic Pricing Models
Home Performance Contracting Focus on British Columbia
Colour & Context - rates, fuel, etc.
Evolution of programmes MARKET BACKGROUND Abundance of natural resources in BC has resulted in low utility rates (electricity and natural gas)

A report estimated that 292K or 18% of households live in fuel poverty

Traditional DSM directed at able-to-pay market using incentive / rebate models - exacerbated barriers for low income

Until 2009, Utilities were not mandated to offer low income specific demand side management (DSM) programs - annual DSM expenditure in BC was $160m The average Irish household spends €2,200 on energy annually. SOURCE: Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland The average BC household ~€1,200 on energy annually. SOURCE: Ministry of Energy Mines & Natural Gas Work still required in streamlining administrative processes - significant barrier

Shift focus to energy-savings from participant numbers in success evaluation

Fuel neutral is best - maximize the opportunity and avoid inefficiencies

"If you build it, they may not come" - involve contractors in marketing to drive numbers Incentivize contractors to maximize equivalent leakage area (ELA) reduction

Ventilation is critical - health & safety + utility risk management

Continue to evolve and change - new technology and IT Smart metering significant opportunity in residential energy management - education and awareness is critical

Dynamic pricing models (i.e. time-of-use) requires new tools beyond ability to monitor - control & optimization!

House-as-a-System - development of Home Performance Contracting industry - training + quality assurance
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