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Thanksgiving pumpkin

No description

Daniel Rodriguez

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of Thanksgiving pumpkin

Thanksgiving Things that go in a Thanksgiving table. Turkey Historians don't have an evidence to prove that turkey was eaten during the first Thanksgiving dinner, but the thanksgiving celebration will be incomplete without it. Smashed Potatoes Smashed potatoes
accompany the turkey
and it's very delicious. The bread goes in the thanksgiving table
to accompany some dishes. Bread The corn was one of the most harvested vegetables of that time. That's why it goes in a thanksgiving table. Corn Cranberry sauce Cranberries were very abundant in the area
that's why in a thanksgiving table goes cranberry sauce. Salad Salad is a very common plate in thanks giving
cause it is simple to do and cause thanksgiving is in harvest time vegetables were easy to get. Pumpkin pie was a dessert that was used to be prepared in that time cause pumpkins were common cause it was harvest time. Pumpkin pie Candles Candles are used to decorate the table Spoons,Forks,Knives are cutlery that are
used to eat the food. Spoons,Forks,Knives Fruits Fruits were eaten in that time
cause was harvest time and they were very
abundant. The lobster can be eaten instead of the turkey. Lobster Lobster can be a supplement for turkey for those who don't like turkey. Berries grow near the pilgrims that's why
they used them in many dishes. Berries French Drip Coffee Many traditions from Europe came to America
like the french drip coffee. Interesting Fact: In the first thanks giving they didn't
ate turkey they ate venison Also they didn't ate smashed potatoes, Pumpkin pie nor Cranberry sauce but they did eat plain cranberries. Thank you
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