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Hans Buysrogge

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Soria Natural - Spain privileged landscape products versatile facilities R&D innovation Soria Natural in numbers opportunity brands privileged landscape Cultivation of own Crops:
320 hectares
certified organic
70 species of plants

In the surroundings of the river Duero
non-industrialized clean environment
1,200 meters of altitude.
rigorous continental climate The raw materials used by Soria Natural have a very high concentration of active ingredients R&D + innovation State-of-the-art technology.
A pilot plant for supercritical fluids
Cutting edge laboratory
(in vitro cancer research,…)
... Soria Natural invests 5% of turnover in Research & Development brands SUPPLEMENTS
Phytotherapy (herbal solutions)
Natural health supplements

Dietetic food
Organic vegetable food Soria Natural manufactures +800 references:
all vegan / vegetarian products
from all natural ingredients
with a Guaranteed quality SPECIAL FOOD for food ALLERGIES
Herbal medicines
Homeopathy ISO 14001 GMP ORGANIC ISO 9001 versatile facilities CERTIFICATIONS

GMP certified lines
gluten free certified lines
organic certified lines Soria Natural is the most differentiated and versatile manufacturing installation in Europe TYPES OF PRODUCTIONLINES

More than 800 productreferences are manufactured on more than 50 different productionlines TOTAL CAPACITY

With the current resources we have a production capacity of 120 million € for 2013 + Private labels commercial network A- Extensive Points of Sale network

5 self-owned Points of Sale
8 sales and distribution delegations
30 franchisees
4.500 dedicated shops (main brand is SN)
More than 10.000 pharmacy Points of Sale
4 foreign subsidiaries (Mexico, Portugal, Germany, USA)
Distribution in 25 countries.

B- Team of own Doctors and Nutritionists

C- Own system of education and training
Classroom and online courses
provides access to global title One of the longest running companies in Natural Medicine in Spain With 30 years of history always investing in the most advanced technology and laboratory in its field. Collaborating with the most prestigious universities in Spain and Europe. commercial network 30 years in business

450 employees in Spain

Turnover 2012
+ 43 million Euro

Exporting to 29 countries Family business with sustainable growth during 30 years Export reached +20% of the turnover in 2012 Soria Natural in numbers Soria Natural Chinese partner ONM - Occidental Natural Medicine TCM - Traditional Chinese Medicine Natural Medicine is established, but still growing, especially in Southern Europe and with new opportunities for TCM As a result of increasing personal income and change in lifestyle, opportunities arise for ONM.
Health issues in China make European products become more attractive. JOINT VENTURE Our Chinese partner
can become a
for TCM
in Spain and EUROPE Soria Natural
can become a
for ONM
in CHINA and Asia Experience and sales channel in Spain (+Europe) and México (+South America)

Support for registrations in Europe and South America

Manufacturing ODM/OEM for sales in Europe and South America (initially) Experience and sales channel in China and Asia

Support for registrations in China and Asia

Manufacturing ODM/OEM for sales in China and Asia. Natural Medicine (ONM) is established, but still growing, especially in Southern Europe.
Soria Natural can give a big impulse to commercialize TCM As a result of increasing personal income and change in lifestyle ONM is becoming more important.
European products are recognized as high quality products products Health SUPPLEMENTS PHARMACEUTICAL DIVISION SPECIAL FOOD for food ALLERGIES Vegetable FOOD Phytotherapy & Herbal Medicine Plant Capsules – Simple and compound
Plant Tablets – Simple and compound
Plant extracts – Simple and compound
Infusions – Simple and compound
…. Natural Food supplements Digestives
Antioxidants Energetics
…. Homeopathy Low, medium or high dilutions and specialties.
Presentations: tube doses, drops, ampoules, tablets and syrups Organic Vegetable Food Vegetable Drinks
Vegetable Burgers
Vegetable Desserts
Spelt products
(bread, pastas, crackers)
…. Non-allergic Vegetable Food Breads
… From our catalogue we highlight following products for the Chinese market Fost Print Energy
series Vegetable drinks
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