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Music Education Systems

MUSI 1250: Introduction to Music Education

Carol Frierson-Campbell

on 19 February 2015

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Transcript of Music Education Systems

Or ... where have I been?
Where am I now?
Where did I begin?
What was/were the first music education "system(s)" you were involved in?
What was my next step?
Describe the next "system" that helped you get to this point in your career as a music educator. Middle school? Church, synagogue, or other community organization? Private music school?
How did I get serious about music study?
What additional systems have gotten you to this point in your music career?
Achieving my goals!
MUSI 1250: Introduction to Music Education
Music Education Systems
...and what do I have to do to get where I'm going?
I decided to audition ...
William Paterson University!
And I chose to attend ...
Pitfalls to Avoid
The College of Education
Certification Courses
So how do I find my way?
Go to class!
Study hard!
Office of Field Experiences
MUSI 3290: Field Experience 1
Application due 1 year ahead!
Application due 1 year ahead!
MUSI 4290: Field Experience II
EDUC 4150: Student Teaching
Application due 1 year ahead!
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