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Color Affecting Human Behavior

No description

Delwin Tanto

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of Color Affecting Human Behavior

Color Affecting Human Behavior Contents Introduction
Thesis Statement
Reference List Introduction Background to report

Egypt, 1500 B.C. - first collection of medical prescriptions - usage of colored minerals.

1877 - Pancoast's and Babbitt's works proved that color does affect the human body.

Famous scientists revealed that each color has its own specificity. Introduction Aim: how color affects human behavior, both physically and mentally, and whether it can be used as a treatment of illness.

Reason to choose: as different colors create different effects, is it possible that color could be used to heal diseases that until now could not be healed? Rationale Introduction Thesis Statement Color affects human behavior both physically and mentally which enables it to be used as a treatment of illness, with each color having its own specificity. Methodology Internet: Google as search engine with the related keywords: found some articles. Questionnaire: 12 questions: 30 people to ask: 30 answers back. Auckland Public Library: used the computer: found 3 books related. On progress: more information and survey analysis: making graphs. Findings How does color affect the human body? The Discovery of Raab Time required to destroy a cell was related both to the intensity of light and dyestuff. Stein's Experiment General light tonus in human's muscular activity. Metzger, Ehrenwald, Hoffman Body does react to color without seeing it. “Is it too visionary to imagine a time when diseases will be classified by their wavelength and the counteracting of them become a mathematical certainty?”

-Faber Birren See any similarities? The colors yellow and red:
they increase the appetite. Questionnaire Results 14 out of 15 male respondents said that they care about the color of their clothes. While only 9 out of 15 females said they do. Black is the color most preferred. Conclusion Based on my findings up until this moment: thesis statement is proven to be correct. 92.6 % of respondents said that they put most importance on visual factors.

- Seoul International Color Expo 2004 Reference List Birren, F. (1950). Color Psychology and Color Therapy. New York: University

Frangs, L. (2007). The psychology of color in logo design. Retrieved February
26, 2013, from http://creativeblox.com/blog/the-psychology-of-color-in-logo-design.html Thank You p.s. do you know why I chose red as font color and yellow as background? You can memorize words better if they are red and on yellow paper. See any similarities?
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