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Youth and education in Nazi Germany

Nazi Germany GCSE Lesson

Laurie Johnston

on 15 January 2015

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Transcript of Youth and education in Nazi Germany

All will learn about schools, youth movements in Nazi Germany (C Grade)
Most will learn to identify three key features and link them
Some will identify the most important feature
Youth and education in Nazi Germany
Do now!
On your whiteboards:
En sus pizarras:

Why were some Christians grateful to Hitler?
What was the name of the agreement the Pope made with Hitler?
How did Hitler break the agreement with the Pope?
Fadeke, Betelhem, Shelby, Carolina, Sophie, Nyah, Hajah, Shannon, Ellie, Audrey, Olivia
Reading time! Pgs 60-61
We will look at a timetable, answer some questions and make some notes
List three ways in which young people's lives were affected by the Nazis
Progress check 2 and exit
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