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Musclure strength

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fatima alnaqbi

on 19 April 2016

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Transcript of Musclure strength

Musclural strength
Muscural strength
Done by:
Fatima AlNaqbi : 201303409 .
Aysha AlNeyadi : 201518123 .
Mariam AlKaabi : 201209924 .
Toga Omar : 200935134 .
Mouza AlDhahri : 201012761 .

DrAbdulsalam AlZaabi .

Muscular strength
Recently, all what have been in people's minds is their ideal look or the perfect body image, so they will just work on some random exercises to get thinner, not caring for being more healthier and stronger, to gain these two quality's and keep at it for a life time , one must start with muscular strength training or muscular endurance, it depends on the person goal to chose one of these training but there some stuff to be aware of before get into the training program.   

1- meaning of muscular strength.
2- methods used to assess muscular strength.
3- health benefit of muscular strength.
4- health risk associated with over muscular strength.
5- types of strength training exercise.
6- factors influencing strength.
7- displaying UAEU female score.

Muscular Strength : The maximum amount of force that a muscle can exert against some form of resistance in a single effort.

Muscular Endurance : is the ability to resist fatigue while holding or repeating a muscular contraction.

Methods used to assess muscular strength
1-Fixed Percentage of a One's (1 RM )Method:
Muscular strength assessed by determine repetition maximum (1 RM).

2- Absolute Method:
In this case the muscular endurance evaluation by calculating the number of times the successful repetition of the bear with the passage of time.

Health benefits of muscular strength:
1. Increase in Energy Levels .
2. Physical Strength (Improved Performance of Physical Activities ) .
3. Decrease of Injury.
by two ways : -
A) enabling you to maintain good posture.
B) encouraging proper body mechanics during everyday activities such as walking and lifting

4. Better Health and prevention of Diseases
5. Healthier when old (Improved Muscle and Bone Health with Aging )
6. Enhanced Self-Image and Quality of Life
7. Improved Body Composition

Types of strength training exercise :
Factors influencing strength:
: from 10 to 20 are greater.

: Man have more muscle tissue than woman.

Limb and muscle length
: Persons with long muscles can develop the size and strength than persons with short muscles.
1-Educate students in schools, universities and colleges about the benefits of Muscular strength .
2- You can improve muscular strength Through many ways : A gym or fitness centre is a good place to go to improve your muscular strength.
3-Before beginning any strength training program, ask your doctor.
Muscular strength is important part of your body’s ability to move, lift things and  everyday activities.

Muscle strength typically refers to how much weight an individual can lift one time, Which is different from Muscle endurance .

muscular strength can provide several health benefits .

Increasing muscles strength can also help in reducing injuries .

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