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Solar Home Presentation

No description

Matthew Tran

on 10 June 2014

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Transcript of Solar Home Presentation

Water Heating
To heat the water we use the electricity that the solar panel generates. By doing this people don't have to pay for electricity to heat their water. By doing this they heat their water by using solar energy instead of the electricity that may have come from the burning of fossil fuels. By doing this they can prevent global warming.
With our black roof we absorb more heat so we don't have to use too much energy to heat up the house in the winter. In the summer when it is warmer we have vents in the roof of the house so it would cool down the house. If we needed to use electricity to warm or cool down our house we would use the electricity generated by our solar panel.
Solar Home Presentation

By: Mauricio Flores,
Matthew Tran, and
Frankie Lee

Solar Panel
We use the solar panel that is located on the roof of the house to create enough electricity to power the whole house. It would be built on the side that would be facing the closest way to west because in the afternoon it is normally sunnier then it would be in the morning.
The solar panel creates all the electricity in the house that would be needed to power all of their electronics.
-Solar Panel
-Brown, Black, Red Paint
-Mega Bloks
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