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Miss Jewelicia Big Idea

No description

Jewelicia Reedus

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of Miss Jewelicia Big Idea

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Why I teach?

Cooperating & collaborating with others
Helping others to better understand subjects through their own experiences
Creativity, ideas, and class discussions
Developing lesson plans, presentations, team-building activities and worksheets

Why I teach?
I feel every child...
About Me
Masters in Early Childhood Education
With a Generalist Endorsement of Grades 4 &5
Plus a minor in Special Education & Spanish
Adding on with a Reading Endorsement
My ultimate Goal
My Reason?
Deserves an equal opportunity for the best education
Should have a teacher that cares about every individual in their classroom
Needs a teacher who will provide hope and realistic expectations for every student
Should rely on a teacher who enjoys being with people their age
All of these ideas are what I stand for and is why I choose to teach!
Why I Teach?

Successfully aid many students

Teacher of the Year
Own a Recreation Center
Own & Facilitate a School
Miss Jewelicia Reedus
Currently obtain: Associates of Applied Science in Early Childhood & Education
What lead me to becoming a 3rd grade teacher?
My experiences before becoming a teacher included:
Tutoring children
Worked with grades 3-6 at a summer camp
Working with children in classrooms
Volunteering as a youth leader at my church
Learning techniques and research on how to teach children
It's important for me to be currently informed about educating 3rd graders because....
1. I need to know what they are being tested on
2. I need to make sure I am up-to-date on technology that can be used to further educate children
3. I need to be informed on new findings in research on child development
What I think about when planning lessons ...
*How do children learn based on research?
*What are children ready for or mature enough to handle?
*What grabs their attention?
*How can I teach children that all learns in different ways?
This video is a spoken word from a teachers perspective on "Why I Teach" & even though I don't agree with all of his strategies for handling things in the classroom I still think his overall message is good.
My expectations in the classroom
Language Arts
Literacy Based
*30 minutes of reading everyday
*Grammar sheets, vocab test, writing reflections & etc.
reading passages & answering questions
*Activities, assignments, projects include exploring a variety of sources consisting of reading;
Learning about life, the earth, and how things work
reading passages
experiments- volcanoes, building a contraption, etc.

*Learning about time periods, geography, and important events, & famous people
Reading passages & completing worksheets
Role playing
1. Every child must participate
2. Every child must treat everyone with respect
3. Every child should try 3x or more

Problem solving
Answering questions
Math games

"Teaching should be such that what is offered is perceived as a valuable gift and not as a hard duty." - Albert Einstein

Websites for Children:


This website offers children the opportunity to:
Do activities & games involving reading and math
Watch videos & more


This website offers child-friendly information on;
Play activities
Watch videos & more
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