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Good to Great

How do we move schools from good enough to buildings and teams that produce extraordinary results?

Justin Roach

on 30 August 2012

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Transcript of Good to Great

What can we influence in our student's education? 90-90-90 Schools Good to Great Resources High Parent Involvement?
Language? Level 5 Leadership http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-drRYVJHbR_8/TsxL2eQj7SI/AAAAAAAAAS4/TsV-vXkdmvQ/s1600/GoodtoGreat-JimCollins+%25282%2529.png So, how does this translate into schools? Growth
(from year to year) RIT Score A new way to look at achievement High Scores
Low Growth Low Scores
Low Growth Low Scores
High Growth High Scores
High Growth Question:
Do we believe that ALL students can achieve at high levels? Douglas Reeves PhD. The Vision:
Striving for Greatness in Student Achievement Our Hedgehog Concept:
Achievement Dr. Douglas Reeves is the founder of The Leadership and Learning Center. As part of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, a global educational leader, The Center serves school
systems around the world. The author of 30 books and many articles on leadership and
organizational effectiveness, Dr. Reeves has twice been named to the Harvard
University Distinguished Authors Series. GOOD TO GREAT - References

“Closing the Achievement Gap by Providing Access”
What are the secrets of high poverty, high success schools

“Leadership for Success in High Poverty Elementary Schools”

“Key Findings From Research on High-Performing, High-Poverty Schools”

“Beating the Odds: Three schools Find Success in Helping Kids”

“Uncovering the “Secrets” of High Poverty, High Success Schools” By: Douglas B Reeves

“High Performance in High Poverty Schools: 90/90/90 and Beyond” By: Douglas B Reeves
http://www.sjboces.org/nisl/high%20performance%2090%2090%2090%20and%20beyond.pdf The 3 Circles in Schools High performing
Students Passionate About Teaching Being the Best in the World High Growth High Scores What are These Good to Great Schools? Good Good Great Are they really out there?
Do they really exist? High Poverty High Minority Population The path from Good to Great in schools is an uphill journey Lee Iacocca Darwin E. Smith Level 5 Leader Level 4 Leader Lisa Dickover, Melissa Ibarra, Kristina Kelso,
Tina Maher, Nadira Rizkallah and Justin Roach
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