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elements of des.

No description

Aaron Wheat

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of elements of des.

Aaron Wheat
Digital Communication in the 21st Century- Multimedia Elements and Principles of Design Prezi Project Rubric Balance means keeping your design like a pattern balance http://www.ism-sabis.net/downloads/others/art-1.jpg Emphasis http://www.glassmosaictileart.com/images/color_contrast-03.gif contrast the contrast is the color they both have blue but there lighter the same with red same color but its lighter is simply keeping your design in a certain format Pattern Unity means keeping your design in a sort of harmony in which all sections of the pattern make other
sections feel complete Unity http://nhsdesigns.com/images/artwork/vincent-van-gogh_starry-nig.jpg Movement is the suggestion or illusion of motion in a painting, sculpture, or design. Movement Rhythm is the movement or variation characterized by the regular recurrence or
alternation of different quantities or conditions Color is an easy one. Just make sure your design's color is right for the mood!
Also make sure that each section's color matches another section's color. Color Value Texture helps your design to be distinctive or
have identifying character and characteristics. Texture Shape is something distinguished from its surroundings by its outline within your design. shape http://digital-photography-school.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/08/movement-blur-1.jpg Rhythm Value is the relative darkness or lightness of a color. Form is similar to the idea of shape. Form
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