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No description

Juliana Jensen

on 14 January 2016

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Transcript of Hypnosis

What is it?

The average cost of one session is between $75 and $125
1. The hypnotherapist explains their behavior to them

2. the hypnotherapist will create or describe a strategy for change and make a plan for the client

3. The hypnotherapist talks you through what is happening until you go into your different and less conscious state of mind

4. And finally you evaluate if any change has occurred
hyponsis can help with plenty of things. like smoking and different types of fears.

Hypnotherapy is widely promoted throughout North America. You can contact different specialists online or use your phonebook and set up an appointment.
The ancient Egyptians used altered states of consciousness in their sleep temples, for healing.
Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness
used by doctors or trained individuals to heal
people with a psychological or physical issue.
Dr.Franz Anton Mesmer was the first man to systematically use hypnosis to use these problems
Ethical dilemmas
News Article
-During hypnosis, since you are under such a dream-like state you are able to relive traumatic experiences which can sometimes result in psychological/mental problems.
-Hypnotherapy is usually not
recommended for patients
with things like; psychiatric illnesses,
dissociative disorders,
or post-traumatic stress disorder.
81% of 30 smokers reported
hypnosis had cured them
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