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An Animal Cell is Like a Hospital

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camryn toscano

on 13 March 2015

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Transcript of An Animal Cell is Like a Hospital

A Cell is Like a Hospital
By: Camryn Toscano

The chromatin, or chromosomes, are just like the clipboards doctors hold. The chromosomes hold DNA, which are important for the making of proteins. Clipboards have the medical information of the patient and the symptoms, which help doctors out.
Nuclear Membrane
The nuclear membrane is like the hospital rooms, housing ill patients in like it houses the chromatin.
The nucleus is like the hospital board because it makes all the decisions and the activities in the hospital, like the nucleus in a cell.
Nuclear Pores
The nuclear pores let things in and out of the nucleus like the hospital doors let people in and out.
The generator of a hospital is the mitochondria of the cell because the mitochondria supplies energy and so does a generator.
The nucleolus is like the hospital administer because like the nucleolus, the hospital controls everything; the staff, medicine, the patients, the hospital itself.
Rough ER
Ribosomes are like the residents in a way because the ribosomes can either be floating around in the cell or in the rough ER. Residents can be assisting a doctor or be helping a patient.
The Golgi apparatus is like the pharmacy and the pharmacists in a hospital. The pharmacists control the medicine that gets taken by the doctors. The Golgi exports the proteins once they're completed.
The vacuoles are like the medical supply closet. Vacuoles hold waste, storage, etc. Medical supply closets holds almost everything a hospital needs.
Microtubules are apart of the cytoskeleton that helps maintain shape and support for the cell. Doctors do almost the same thing. Without it, there would be no hospital.
Microfilaments are a lot like the microtubules, but smaller. I compared the doctors to the microtubules, so I'll compare the nurses to the microfilaments. They do not have as much knowledge or skill as doctors do.
The rough ER is like the ambulance because people can get some treatment before actually arriving in the hospital.
Smooth ER
The gurney/stretcher is like the smooth ER because after the proteins go through the rough ER, they go into the smooth ER. When the ambulance gets to the hospital, the patient is wheeled out in a gurney.
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