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Exploring Gender Roles: Denmark, Korea, Russia

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Denise Castro

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of Exploring Gender Roles: Denmark, Korea, Russia

Exploring Women's Gender Roles:
Denmark, Korea, Russia


Women are not the "weaker" sex but the "prettier" sex.
The Russian custom for women, in response to being "prettier," is to dress accordingly.
However, the behavior displayed represents a much more meaningful reason:
Unlike America, love outweighs work and family is number one.
Gender Stereotyping of Women
Gender Roles
Buck, A. (2012, October 25). Berkeley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs. The Prettier Sex: Understanding Gender Roles in Russia.

Women in the workplace are highly respected in the business
Receive equal pay
Have access to senior positions
Women can easily arrange flexible hours
Danish women expect to be treated with respect
Marriage is not a prerequisite to start a family.
South Korea
Centered on Chinese Confucian tradition, Buddhism and Christianity.
Collectivist society
Feminine culture
Traditionally women took care of household.
Westernization=women more freedom.
Laws give near equal status to women but not enforced or applied.
Women attend universities, but unequal pay
Women make up half of labor force
The Feminist Movement
The feminist movement has been restricted due to Vladimir Putin's regimen
Praised rape by an Israel president
Women activist use "maternalism" in order to seem less powerful to avoid being politically investigated.
Government leads to women to act the way they do and prevents from
Denmark Law

Law no 734 of 28 June 2006

The Law on equal treatment prohibits differential treatment of women and men in terms of hiring, working conditions, promotion and firing
NA. (2013). Denmark-Language, Culture, Customs, and Etiquette. Kwintessential. Retrieved from: http://www.kwintessential.co.uk/resources/global-etiquette/denmark-country-profile.html
Rolandsen, Agustin. (2011). The Policy on Gender and Equality in Denmark. Centre for Equality, Diversity, and Gender. Retrieved from: http://www.edge.aau.dk/digitalAssets/60/60340_the-policy-of-gender-equality-in-denmark.pdf
Theoretical construct: Social and Behavioral Norms
Set of attitudes and beliefs of what is socially acceptable for each gender
Different between various cultures around the world
Behaviors and Personality influenced by specific culture
May result in the oppression of certain individuals
Shaped by Societal Forces
Cultural changes: Socially and Economically
Forney, Anne. EDUC109. February 2009.
Culture Specific Norms and Traditions for Women
Nuclear Family
Women respected in the Workforce
South Korea
Maintain harmony
Family directed culture
Charm and Beauty
Family as the Priority
Social Role
By when and what would need to happen in America in order for us to elect our first female president? What cultural norms of the US have prevented us from doing so?
How would you feel if a company asked you or your partner to stop working because you recently got married or are about to be a parent
In America there has been a great movement for equality of genders, do you think one day America will be a feminine culture or do you think we will just achieve equality?
What do you think the reaction of the US people would be if Obama was to make comments about women like Putin did in Russia?
Hofstede Cultural Dimensions
The United States
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