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A challenging workplace

No description

Low Wen

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of A challenging workplace

HTM 3242
Intercultural Management
A challenging workplace
Samira, from North America, was a leader in campus organization.
She often led projects and took deadlines very seriously.
She got an internship offer at a Japanese-based automotive company.
Problems: Differences in cultural and working styles between North American and Japanese led to some internal conflict.
Her peers were often irritated because she was too pushy, not a team player and often speaking out of turn.
She had to better adapt to her new environment.

In what way did this company reflect the characteristics of other Confucian
Asia countries?

Characteristic of Confucian Asian countries:
- High score in performance orientation
- In group collectivism
- Result driven and they are encouraging the group working together over individual goals
- Devoted and loyal to their families.

Why do you think Samira was not seen as a team player?
What universal leadership attributes did Samira exhibit?
• Dependable.
• Good as planning deadlines well.
• Competent and responsible.
• Self confidence

1. What similarities and differences can you identify between North American
and Japanese working styles?

Japanese advisers were perceived as focusing on the creation of consensus in teams, often leading to slow decision making. (Confucian Asian countries people are encouraging the group working together over individual goals so it might get slower compare to North America they rush their work without enough planning)
Some of Samira’s peers at work advised her that it was important for her to consider working at a plant near her hometown because it would be closer to her family (Confucian Asian countries are loyal to their family they prefer to stay as near to their family).
At the end of Samira’s internship, her senior manager praise her being very dependable, as planning deadlines well, and as very competent at her tasks overall. However, the senior manager also told her she was increasingly perceived as too pushy, not a team player, and often speaking out of turn and this often irritated her peers (Confucian Asian countries are collectivism, they prefer to work together in a group rather than individualism, so some of them might get irritated by it such as Samira’s supervisor)

What other suggestions would you have for Samira in this situation?
• suggestion is be modest
• suggestion is teamwork, listen view of other
• suggestion picked the right time to conversation

Proudly presented by:
Khok Sin Yee
Lucas Liu Poh Guan
Tham Weng Loong
Klein Yap
Venus Choo
Low Chie Wen
Kon'nichiwa! Watashiwa Hentai Des!
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