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The Road to Independence

No description

Tim Moore

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of The Road to Independence

The Road to Independence
Place your own picture
behind this frame!
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San Francisco
(cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr
(cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr
(cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr
(cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr
2002 March
(cc) image by jantik on Flickr
The French and Indian War
Britain wins, gains territory,
but is in major debt
Let's limit where the colonists can
settle for their protection...and how
are we going to get out of debt?
Britain's next move
The Proclamation of 1763
Players in the Road to Independence
A British action
or perspective
An American action
or perspective
By establishing the Proclamation of 1763,
we will keep the colonist safe by limiting
their westward expansion, therefore
limiting their contact with Native americans
Many colonists have already crossed
Applachians, and there is a ton
of land to farm out there!
Anyone who does not
agree with me is a traitor
and a scoundrel!!
"He was very stupid, really stupid."
King George III crowned
in 1760
Oh well, sorry! We are sending 7,500 more Redcoats to
keep peace on the frontier
Parliament passes Sugar Act
Currently, people in Great Britain taxed for almost everything,
but the Colonists were lightly taxed.
The Sugar Act placed tariffs
on sugar, coffee, wines, etc. imported into America
How do many Colonists
react? Why?!?
"No taxation without representation!"
It also allowed British officers
to seize goods from smugglers
without going to court
Will it end here?
Parliament passes Stamp Act
The Stamp Act placed a tax on most
printed materials in colonies...
(newspapers, playing cards, wills, etc)
How is this different, and more infuriating
to the colonists, than the Sugar Act?!?
Parliament interferes by taxing
colonies directly (ignoring colonies
right of self government)
Protests of Stamp Act
-Patrick Henry, Samuel Adams
-Virginia Resolves & Sons of Liberty
-Royal officers houses raided, more violent
protests starting to occur
Stamp Act Congress
Nine colonies meet to
draft a petition to King
saying colonies can't be taxed
unless it was by their own assemblies
How can this be viewed
by some of the "opening
move" in the American
Leads to boycotts, non-
importation agreements, and
eventually Act is repealed
How does this affect British economy?
The Quartering Act
Costs $ !!
What are they doing
here anyway!?
Quick catch up: How are
Colonists feeling right about now?

And be it further declared ..., That all resolutions, votes, orders, and proceedings, in any of the said colonies or plantations, whereby the power and authority of the parliament of Great Britain, to make laws and statutes as aforesaid, is denied, or drawn into question, are, and are hereby declared to be, utterly null and void to all intents and purposes whatsoever.
The Declaratory Act
Parliament has right to make and enforce any law they want to in the colonies
In response to repealing
Stamp Act
Excerpt from Declaratory Act
The Townshend Acts
Placed a tax on certain
goods imported from G.B.
(glass, paint, paper, tea)
Leads to...
Boycott British Goods!
Let's make our own!
UH OH...
We will
The Boston Massacre
The Tea Act
Boycott of British Tea
by Colonists hurting tea
business in G.B.
Tea Act lowered cost of
tea, but kept tax on tea.
You're not fooling us!
Leads to...
The Boston Tea Party
The story
90,000 pounds of tea dumped
in Boston Harbor
The Intolerable Acts
“We must master them totally,” he declared, “or leave them to themselves.”
1. Closed Boston Harbor to all shipping
until tea was paid for
2. Govt. of MA under
complete control of British
3. Troops accused of
murder tried in England
This will force colonists to submit to our authority
or will it?
When is it necessary for citizens
to rebel against their government?

The Colonies Begin to Unite
Other colonies send food to Boston
Formation of First Continental Congress
50 leaders from 12 colonies meet in Philadelphia. What to do about G.B.? They are divided
Boycott again, and send respectful message to King
"I am not a Virginian, but an American."
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