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Paper Planes

A presentation of our science fair 2013 experiment about paper airplanes.

Ryan Symons

on 24 June 2013

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Transcript of Paper Planes

Tony Dome
Jack Langford
Ryan Symons
Paper Planes
The aim of our experiment was to find
the most effective paper plane that
could fly the furthest.
We conducted our experiment using 3 paper planes
that we had previously tested and had been found to fly effectively. They were the
, the
, and the
The Lion
The Dart
The Monkey
We all took turns to throw each plane twice
so we could get an average and make our results more reliable. We measured each throw with a couple of tape measures and a nail to mark distances.
Here is a small series of pictures and videos of
our experiment.
Well, there are 4 forces that act on any object that
is flying: lift, thrust, gravity and drag. Because of the
monkey's design and the way it is shaped, it was able to
get more thrust and lift and fly further. The monkey may also be more resistant to the wind and not be affected in flight by any other forces that may have impacted on the dart and the lion.
I hope you enjoyed our presentation,
and I recommend that you now proceed to
our plane exhibit and have a go with the planes yourself.
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