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Avoiding Plagiarism

No description

Gwyneth Nicholson

on 20 January 2015

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Transcript of Avoiding Plagiarism

Avoiding Plagiarism:
Paraphrasing, Summarizing & Quoting

The I-Search
What is plagiarism?
For example:
Now here's an example of an artist who did it the RIGHT way...
Listen to "Something's Got a Hold of Me" by Etta James
Then check out Flo Rida's "Good Feeling".
So how do you avoid
plagiarism in writing?
When paraphrasing, you take a short piece of text and put it into your own words. Like this:
Very simply, plagiarism is taking the words or ideas of another person and passing them off as your own.
Here's "Under Pressure" by David Bowie and Queen.
Take note of the bass line.
And here's "Ice Ice Baby" by Vanilla Ice. Sound familiar?
"No matter what type of gardening techniques you use, you will have trouble raising healthy plants if you do not have strong soils." Rebel Tomato


Whether I choose to plant my garden in a raised bed or directly into the ground, I've learned that I need the right kind of soil in order to grow healthy, delicious vegetables.
When summarizing you take a long piece of text like this:
"The two primary soil characteristics that a gardener should know are soil texture, which will determine how moisture and nutrients are held in the soil, and pH level, which will determine which types of trace minerals are available in the soil. This page will tell you about these different types of soils, how to determine what soils are present in your garden, and how to make the most out of the soils you have through different soil improvement techniques. To learn more about the techniques described here, as well as other gardening basics, check out the American Community Garden Association's publications at the ACGA STORE" Rebel Tomato
...and cover just the main ideas, using your own words.
I need to make sure my soil has a healthy texture and the right pH level; that way my plants will have enough moisture, nutrients, and minerals.
Use quotes sparingly. Save them for those moments when something is phrased just right.
I also plan to use compost in my garden, which you get by, "...collecting the right types of scraps from your kitchen and garden, and allowing them to decompose in a compost heap or bin." Rebel Tomato
As you take notes...
Be sure you use your own words or direct quotes. That way, you will avoid plagiarizing your I-Search either accidentally or on purpose!
Vanilla Ice stole from another artist and then denied it. He was sued and his reputation was destroyed.
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