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Common Core Math

Old School and New School Models

Siggy Abuel

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of Common Core Math

Pattern Recognition
What our kids will do:
What we will do:
The Student
The Student / The Product
The Old Model
The "New" Model
...so why not change the way they see the world and themselves?
Think back on how many of us fell in love with math...
How much do we rely on textbooks?
The old standards compelled us to emphasize procedural mastery...
...which was really more about memorization and the ability to follow a series of steps.
What does this model make our kids?
...what did the end products tend to look like?
To what extent did this prepare our students for the future they want?
If you were a student, which one sounds like more fun?
by giving them skills:
and fostering habits and qualities:
Let's engage our students using the real world
...and use the textbook as a secondary tool.
The Real World
But it will be fun.
Contact Regi Vettraino at
rvettraino@nmusd.us for more information.
The Method and Mindset
Imagine for a moment...
...the way we could see and understand the world...
Don't we want that for our students?
As a teacher, which one do you think will inspire them?
It's not about getting rid of the old strategies, it's about changing emphasis.
It will take some time.
It will take some effort.
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