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Nature Tactics

No description

Noah Osterhout

on 7 January 2016

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Transcript of Nature Tactics

Nature Tactics
Game Objective
Mental Acuity
Tools, Menus, Options
Level Progression
Interview on the
There were two legends hidden within the moon…
That many millennia ago, an artifact of sealed power once resided upon the moon. this artifact was a symbol of advancement, showing how humanity has shown how technologically advance it was for the time. Some say that the old ancestors once set it there, in hopes that no one else shall discover its existence. Others say they set it there so that one day, others of their kind will travel past the boundaries of their home and while they travel the will notice this artifact and reflect upon past accomplishments that set the course of events forever. Nobody really knows for sure, but everyone aspires to surpass the ancestor one day, even if it takes the rest of their lives.
The dream lasted for years, until frustrated creators could no longer stand the idea. The idea lasted years as a legend. some years as a myth, what quickly changed to just a rumor, and after that only whispers of such an idea were soon silenced into obscurity. Now nobody that exists knows why it was ever truly there. Some say that it never even happened at all.
The other legend was seldom told to not but the devoted...
“He who finds the continental artifacts and brings them to the altar of knowledge will find this great artifact, receive it for the world to see, and shall be gifted with the hidden knowledge that the ancestors hold.”
What is that hidden knowledge that the ancestors once held? Is it really possible to go beyond the boundaries of our home? Is there any hidden danger that this great artifact brings?
Many brave believers have attempted gathering the artifacts that were scattered across the land, but all attempts made had been in vain.
So many attempts of searching eventually left some artifacts lost to the midst of time and space, making gathering almost impossible to and who dare tries.
Until now...

Character: Navigator
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Description: Your wise and helpful guide on this journey. Does have a bit of a soft and sensitive side, but is able to keep focus upon the task at hand. While he may be cheery and upbeat when you first meet him, later you will find out about his history with the artifacts, and why he is so determined to gather them all.
Role: He acts as your tutorials for the beginning of the game. this is to help the elderly (as well as any possible children whose parents might buy this game) ease into what the controls of the game are and how level progression will work. This character will also appear to explain any power-ups that you get progressively through the game as well as any intensive story plot that happens.
Our game falls under this list of
How to win, play, and development needed.
Birth Certificate

This is to Certify that


Was born on the 20th day of ______July_______

to ____[unknown]___ and ___[unknown]____

In the year of ___1981__.

Menus and Options
Noah, Israel, Martin
Needs of Audience
Target audience:
To: Team Manager
From: head corporate

Our game is meant to be targeted towards the “middle of the road” retired folk. This target group of people seems like where the biggest benefit and the right time that people start losing mental agility. Targeting this audience will help those who are starting to lose mental agility while at the same time target the intended audience we are going for. as such some changes might have to be made to the game’s production until means meet the set expectations. We thank you for your patience and your time for the necessary adjust met for the masses.


Due to corporate decisions, some minor changes will have to be made before the game’s release to the masses. The game will have to be outfitted to help keep mental agility up, while at the same time, the game will have to appeal to the “middle of the road” retired group. This is only due to the nature of this game and who will be playing it. The date of release has also been extended for any necessary changes that will have to be made in the meantime. Your endurance through the game’s creation will be much appreciative.

How to progress in game?
- The types of puzzles in the game will test many problem solving skills
including logic, and pattern recognition.
- The game will be on mobile phones such as the iPhone and other
similar devices
- The game will have a story of the players exploration through

- This type of game will challenge the players brain improving
different parts of the brain.
- The Game will contain many different historical events the player
will play through.
- The History in the game will be educational teaching the player
about different historical events and different parts of the world.
Level progression in Nature Tactics works like all games of our genre. The user has a set number of moves to get the required score of that level. Once the user has done so, they can move onto the next level and keep collecting Artifacts to build the bigger artifact. After that they can move on to another time period, from the many options.
How to win or loss?
The winner loses in Nature Tactics by not achieving the levels' set score or set number of matches in the time limit given. Players will have a number of plays every 24 hours, once those are used up they can wait until more are available or by more for $0.99.

How to play Nature Tactics?
Nature Tactics is a slide swiping game where players will swipe different shapes to connect three or more matching icons. The game will be played on the users mobile phone.

What more is need until Nature Tactics can go into devlopment?
Nature Tactics needs many more things before the finishing of this project. Majorly Moblie programers are needed to program the game itself. Other important things are funding, finishing of the story, advertisement, and all the level devlopment. This is the things to do before the finished product.
Interview with Nature Tactics developer on the games objective.

- "So what will your game, Nature Tactics, objective be?"
- "The games objective is to reach the set score or number of matchs for the level. This gives the player an artifact, that builds into a bigger artifact. After building the larger artifact, the player can move on to another time period from the many options."
- "That sounds like a very intresting game. I am looking forward to the games release. Is it close to being finished?"
- "No, the game still is in the developing and designing state."
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