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PHSE KS2: Leadership Qualities (Arthur and Kay)

Qualities of a leader

Gavin Brock

on 19 January 2013

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Transcript of PHSE KS2: Leadership Qualities (Arthur and Kay)

Activity: Leaders from History Learning from example Imagine that the villagers are unhappy with the decision to crown Arthur king of England. Father was looking at him hard. ‘You took the sword from the stone?’ Who would make
the better King: Learning Intentions: Bluebells ‘You see this valley of bluebells? The Qualities of a
Great Leader Today we are learning to: identify qualities that make a good leader compare them with qualities that make a bad leader Some figures from history are remembered as great leaders ...and others are regarded as
brutal monsters Mohandas Gandhi - Martin Luther King Vaclav Havel ‘And why not?’ Kay was offended. ‘Why should it not be me?
Am I not good enough?’ MICHAEL MORPURGO - Arthur, High King of Britain What do we know about Kay? Dishonest Vain Argumentative Aggressive Proud Domineering Touchy/Insecure Rude What adjectives can you think of to describe Kay's personality? Character: The mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual Contrasting Characters Arthur's Character "Don't bother, he's only a boy!" "And a bastard boy at that!" Activity 1: What qualities do you think would make a good king? What qualities do you think would make a bad king? Divide your page in half. On one side write 'Good Qualities'.
In the other half, 'Bad Qualities. Arrange these personal qualities into the appropriate column. Many personal qualities, such as:
courage and cowardice
wisdom and ignorance
humility and egotism
are direct opposites of one another. Can you arrange any of the qualities into opposing pairs? Extension task: Wisdom Courage Perseverence Integrity Humanity Kindness Justice Self-Control Spirituality Modesty Gratitude Forgiveness Hope Father: That’s enough Kay. You lied. You have always lied. You have shamed me yet again, and this time in front of the world. Step down… It is your turn Arthur.’ It all began here a thousand,
two thousand years ago maybe... with just one fine bluebell that grew strong and proud. And then, one by one, others sprang up around it... ...and a valley of thicket and bramble was turned into this paradise on Earth. Look around you, and wonder what one flower can do... ...and know then what one man can do. You may be the first bluebell... ...you may be the one.' '...from my mother I learned the great things.
I learned what is right, what is wrong,
what should be and what should not be - lessons I am still learning even now, my friend.' '...Kay sought often to provoke me - always when Father was not there, I noticed - calling me his 'bastard brother', but I turned aside the jibes with a smile, as a shield might glance away a thrusting sword.' Self-controlled Even-tempered Calm Courageous Peaceful Grateful Humble Principled Wise Merlin: The people everywhere are trampled and cowed, and those that resist are butchered. No people ever needed a king as much as these. In their hovels, they long for you. In their churches, they pray for you. It is for them and for God that you must fight, Arthur, never for yourself.' The Young Arthur is repeatedly mocked for: being an orphan his scrawny appearance his youth DISCUSS: Do these qualities prevent Arthur from being a suitable King?

Why might the other villagers think they do? Discuss: Arthur's inheritance to the throne is considered to have been ordained by God. Why might God choose such a meek character to rule a country, rather than somebody powerful and self-assured like Kay? Love of Learning write an argument persuading the villagers to crown either Arthur or Kay the new King of England Kind Honest Humble Wise Self-controlled Compassionate Forgiving Courageous Loyal Spiteful Deceitful Vain Ignorant Bad-Tempered Inconsiderate Vengeful Cowardly Disloyal Selfish Generous Spiteful Deceitful Vain Ignorant Bad-Tempered Stone-hearted Vengeful Cowardly Disloyal Selfish Kind Honest Humble Wise Self-controlled Compassionate Forgiving Courageous Loyal Generous Which of these qualities requires real strength? Are there different kinds of strength? The Legend of King Arthur Literacy - KS2 Chapter 2: Nobody's Child who have been responsible for
the deaths of millions of innocent people. Personal qualities shared by all great leaders: Their example continues to provides hope, strength and inspiration to countless people across the world today. They say he is too young, too inexperienced, and not strong enough to be a good leader. They suggest instead that Kay should be given the crown. For the sake of all Britain,
it is up to you to change their minds! Write a persuasive argument in support of Arthur becoming king. MUST: Use evidence from the text to show the sort of character he is. SHOULD: Make predictions as to how this will influence his ability to govern the country. COULD: Do the same for Kay, and show why he would be a bad choice. Physical strength Strength of character Compassion MICHAEL MORPURGO
'Arthur: High King of Britain'
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