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AMG Week 3: First Principles

No description

Eben J Muse

on 23 August 2018

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Transcript of AMG Week 3: First Principles

Squash & Stretch
Follow Through & Overlapping Action
Principles of Animation
AMG Week 3: First Principles
"Every halt has its reasons...Any action leads to an action." Walt Disney
Not everything stops at once.
an action that takes place in the opposite direction of the main action.
'Work in silhouette, such that every action could be seen even if there is an overlap" Walt Disney
Acting, Timing, Camer Angle, Camera Position, Setting, Close-up, Long-shot, colour, light
One action at a time
Making the attitude, mood, reaction or idea perfectly clear
Straight Ahead & Pose to Pose
Adjust the spacing of in-between frames to achieve subtlety of timing and movement
Stretch out time to emphasize important parts of the action
Prepares audience so they know what to expect
Directs attention
Mis-directs attention
Can suggest weight
Straight ahead: proceed from frame to frame without planning where you want to be in ten frames. Can be wild, spontaneous.

Pose-to-pose: Define keyframes and "inbetweens".
An extreme pose can be emphasized by slowing down as you get to it
Principles of Physical Animation
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