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Evgeny Mizulin

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of profitability

How look like transfer pricing forming (fin model) in business? Profitability Let's consider on an example of manufactory of bots: Financial sustainable
situation Financial sustainable
situation What is Financial Model?

It is the way how you can count LC fee
The Model WHAT items we include in LC fee and HOW we count LC fee
Reason behind Financial Model:

Increase income from exchange
Include in exchange fee all costs - direct and indirect
According Financial Model, which was approved in august 2009, LC fee consists of 4 parts: -AI fee according to X realization (affiliation fee) per form - AI funds - Travel of 1 person to IC and IPM - MC X fee For each realized X we pay approximately 9 $ in AI -AI Growth Networks Development Fund contribution
-AI Global Information Systems Fund contribution
-AI Meetings Travel Fund contribution
-AI International Trademark Management Fund contribution
membership criteria for country -MC people salary according to time % spent on LC servicing
-Socila taxes on MC salary (same percentage)
-Travel to national and regional conferences In AIESEC it's look the same Split into 9 groups
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