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Peet's Coffee & Tea

No description

Melanie Gross

on 29 April 2015

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Transcript of Peet's Coffee & Tea

Company Background
eet's Coffee & Tea
To enable and inspire customers to enjoy the daily pleasure of Peet’s coffees and teas by providing distinctive, superior coffee and tea knowledge, and superior service to every customer, every day.
Mission Statement
SWOT Analysis
Increase social media presence by July 1, 2015
Wide-scale advertisement

Expand Social Media Presence with Generation Y

Emphasize community focus and Peet's "neighborhood vibe"
Billboard and Logo Redesign
Instagram: check-in at Peet's get 10%
off coffee

Facebook: Enter to win free coffee for
1 year (or free subscription)
Social Media Presence
Buy coffee and donate 25 cents to your favorite charity
Local Charity
Support students
- get 50% off any beverage with student ID during finals week
- extended hours during finals week
Increase sales by 10% by May 1, 2016
Target Market
Marketing Mix
Partnered with community
and businesses

Trendy and sophisticated

Fresh coffee

Well built website

Social media presence

Brand awareness
New distribution channels

Technological advances

New products

Strengthening economy
Strong competition

Rising coffee prices
Specializes in coffee and related beverages

Coffee, Italian-style espresso beverages, cold blended beverages and premium teas

Coffee-related accessories and equipment

Small variety of food and snacks.
235 retail stores across 10 states

177 locations in California

Headquarters in Emeryville, California
Considered quite expensive

Medium size coffee costs $2.25

Committed to buying the finest-quality beans

Prices reflect the superior quality
Quality above price

“Community atmosphere”

Coffee and tea subscriptions
50% off shipping, 10% savings
+ exclusive subscriber coffees.
All ages, gender, nationality

Coffee Connoisseurs

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