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Chapter 3 Developing Project Proposals

No description

Lenora Fool Head

on 22 October 2014

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Transcript of Chapter 3 Developing Project Proposals

Why is this team being considered as a candidate to submit a proposal?
Why did this team not receive the RFP at the same time the larger consulting firms did?
Develop a bid/no bid checklist to help determine if they should submit a proposal.
What should Maggie, Paul, and Steve do? In explaining your answer, address the concerns of each of the three team members.
Chapter 3: Developing Project Proposals
Case Study 1: Medical Information Systems

By: Lenora, Shannon, Terrance, & Jenny

Any Questions?

Thank You!
Because the organization's purchasing manager was not familiar with Goldberg's consulting firm. Some of the physicians have patients who work for large consulting firms; since they are patients, they heard about the RFP firsthand.

The company has yet to establish a relationship with the community.
Because Goldberg previously completed a project for Dr. Houser (a physician who has now joined the large regional medical practice).
Bid/No Bid Checklist
Regional Information System Upgrade
Customer: Regional Purchasing Manager Due Date: As Requested
Consistent with our mission

Opportunity to extend our capabilities
Reputation with customer

Availability of funds

Resources available to prepare quality proposals

Resources available to perform project
Maggie, Paul, and Steve should submit a proposal to the regional medical practice.
Maggie should be assigned solely to the completion of her 3 current projects.
Paul and Steve should be assigned to the medical practice, if they win the bid.
They will need to outline in their proposal, a plan to hire out sub-contractors to carry out the large project plan.
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