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Dance Assignment

Samara Moretti

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of Dance

By Samara Moretti
Hip hop:
Cha Cha:

What is Dance?
Dance is a number of movements that are put together with not only music, but even sounds of animals or any other things. I think dance doesn't just show a story because it can also bring people together, share beliefs and represent things like war or new life.
There are many recordings of when dance first started and where it originated, but it has been commonly said that it started in in the ancient civilization of the Middle East and some other places like India, Egypt and Greek. It could’ve begun with the Aboriginals at places such as Australia, America and Africa. The style of dance that they were doing was to entertain each other, for other spiritual reasons and at events such as someone’s funeral.
How dance started and where it origionated
Styles and genres of dance
Ballroom dancing is a formal dance that you do with a partner. A well known dance that is done in ballroom is the waltz. Traditionally the girls would wear a ball gown and the men would wear some kind of suit.
Jazz has a range of different types of dances. In around the 1950's a modern style of jazz started to become popular. It is said that jazz was different when it first started and that it has changed over time.
Ballet started centuries ago. Dancers who do ballet need to be fit, strong and very flexible. Many people think ballet is a dance that girls or women do, but boys or males can do it as well.
Hop hop originated in New York. The main styles of hip hop are popping, locking and breaking, these styles were made in around the 1970's. This style dance is interesting and fun to watch.

Balinese Dances:
Balinese dancers uses lots of hand movements, head movements and strong eye expressions. They wear their traditional clothes with head pieces. Balinese dances can also be called Uma, Parvati and Kali.
salsa had influences from Latin America, but it originated to New York. Salsa has strong and fast movements.
Belly dancing:
Cha Cha originated from Mambo and swing. It has been called Cha Cha because that's the sound your feet are supposed to make that sound when dancing it.
Belly dancing originated in the middle East. Belly dancing has lots of belly and hip movements and can be hard to do.
It is said funk styles were made from different types of street dancing in California.

Two Styles of Dance
Hip-hop is a dance that has become very popular, hip-hop is quit a relaxed cool dance that people do every day. Hip-hop originated in New York in the 1970s and has slowly become more popular over time. Although hip-hop has evolved over the years it is still changing its style today. The styles of hip-hop are breaking, popping, locking, krumping, floating, jerkin', liquids, digits, crip-walking, turfing and the robot. Hip-hop was performed because it used to be used and still is used in battles or competitions, which encouraged free dancing and making up moves. Each time people would do a dance battle they would learn or see different moves and from there it evolved and became more popular.
Hip-hop doesn't have to be done to hip-hop songs, but its still sometimes used. Hip-hop dancing can be done to hip-hop, rap or any upbeat songs that go with the dance. Clothes that are usually worn when doing hip-hop is loose baggy clothes that are comfortable and the girls sometimes wear a tank top. Sneakers are usually worn in hip-hop, the sole of the shoes is also worn out so that the dancers can move easier.
Hip-hop evolution (comedy)
Ballet is a very popular dance all around the world, it is commonly very soft and delicate. Ballet is used in lots of musicals and plays because it can tell stories well. There is no exact date of when ballet started, but it did start centuries ago. People say that it started in some parts of Italy, but you could imagine it being much different to what it is now. Ballet is performed to tell a story or people do it just for joy. The costumes used in ballet have probably stayed the same for a long time now. The girls wear a tu-tu with a leotard and tights. The boys would also wear a leotard with tights. For the shoes they would usually wear ballet shoes which has a flat top sot that the dancer can get right onto their toes. The songs that ballet is normally danced to is soft classical songs. Some of the songs used in ballet a repetitive because the songs have become very popular in this style of dance
Ballet dance video:
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Thanks for Watching!
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Dance video:
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