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All around me- Flyleaf

No description

shelby Tittle

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of All around me- Flyleaf

All Around Me
Flyleaf Transcendentalism Why? I believe that “All around me” by Flyleaf is a spiritual Transcendentalist song because she sings about god being in her life.
The whole song she is singing about god being around her and how she reaches out to him, she feels he is there, and how she lets him be her savior. Examples? “my hands are searching for you/ my arms are outstretched towards you/ I feel you on my fingertips/ I can feel you all around me/ Thickening the air I'm breathing”.
She is speaking of feeling God's presence around her, so strong and thick that it's filling her up and healing her heart-break, her pain, her everything she doesn't want to feel.

“The light is white/ and I see you”
God is supposed to be the light and that’s what you see when you’re about to die, and she can see him clearly now. 'My hands are searching for you/ my arms are outstretched towards you/ I feel you on my fingertips/ my tongue dances behind my lips for you'
What Flyleaf is saying speaking about the part of the Bible (Acts 17:27) that says 'God did this so that they would seek him and perhaps reach out for him and find him, though he is not far from any one of us.' She is searching for Him, and 'tongue dances behind my lips' refers to her worshiping God. “My hands float up above me/ And you whisper you love me/ And I begin to fade/ Into our secret place/ The music makes me sway/ The angels singing say we are alone with you/ I am alone and they are too with you”.
She is speaking about her entering her secret place with God. This means that she has made that connection with her Creator. She is praising Him and accepting His love. It's almost as if she is intoxicated by the love, by His presence and she is alone with Him and the angels. Quotes? "I am something to him that made me, undoubtedly, but not to any other that he has made." From The Journals,
“The question is not what you look at, but what you see.” Thoreau.
The first one goes because it talks about how that person matters to god but not to others. I believe this goes because she sings about just them and no one else.
The second quote goes because she sees god as himself, and something to love not just something to look over and ignore.
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