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don't break my heart! presentation

BUS 361 Project Management

Jessica Kwee

on 31 March 2011

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Transcript of don't break my heart! presentation

Team Fit Project Manager- Jessica Kwee

Sponsorship Coordinator- Ryan Phillips

Participant Coordinator- John Kwan

Marketing Coordinator- Kelly Wang "don't break my heart!"

a benefit concert for the Heart & Stroke Foundation Sponsorship Champers salon
Nando's Chicken
London Drugs venue partnership talent booking promotion spotlight
delta television posters skip-a-thon dance competition benefit concert concession silent auction heart and stroke table set up artist merchandise Agenda Introduction
What did we do?
How did we do it?
Lessons Learned What did we do? how did we do it? -school gyms
-community centers
-Firehall Center for the Arts how did we do it? weekly group meetings
online group meetings
determine project scope and desired outcomes outcomes -host a one-hour skip-a-thon in a local elementary school
-kids would collect pledges and raise money for the Heart & Stroke Foundation Fallback:
-Jump Rope for Heart -host a dance competition for dance students from local dance schools across Vancouver
-have guest judges from the Harbour Dance Center
-charge registration fees to raise money
-prizes donated by sponsors Fallback:
-dance competitions typically scheduled in September
-high interest but too short notice 1. modified to have performers instead of competitors
2. charged admission instead of registration
3. invite general public performers silent auction winners 3 performances
25 audience
costs: $225 rental, $100 sound equipment
$895 raised
profit: $570 lessons learned initial research research could have been more thorough on exisitng programs promotion participation expenses longer promotion period
better designed posters and advertisment placing unfamiliarity with typical dance school procedures
more face-to-face communication do more thorough research of expected expenses
give more notice to team members back-up plans have readied list of possible alternatives and contingency plans sponsorship allotted more time for improvements to sponsorship packages
practice pitches to improve public speaking skills facebook event Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death in Canada Thank you!

Q & A follow-up more consistent follow up
more in-person follow-ups initiation planning execution closing controlling kick-off meeeting
brainstorm ideas
determine feasibility communication lines
assigned roles and responsibilities
incremental due dates
risk control hosted concert at Fire Hall Center for the Arts
arrived early for set-up and sound checks
run through schedule with all performers closing document
project debrief
project close celebration
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