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March 16, 2000

No description

Hannah Curtis

on 3 March 2016

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Transcript of March 16, 2000

Age 5
Age 15
Age 30
March 16, 2000
Age 20
Hannah Curtis' Life Map
My sister Macy was born. This was an empowering thing for me because it gave me the opportunity to become a big sister. It allows me now to use my experiences to help guide her throughout her teenage years.
Broke my Tibia
When I was young I broke my tibia. We aren't sure how but it has had lasting affects on my athletic performance.
Friends Went to Boarding School
After middle school, my best friend Lillie went away to boarding school. This definitely made it hard for me during school without her.
Making Varsity Sports
During my sophomore year, I made Varsity Ice Hockey and Field Hockey. I worked really hard over the summer to be able to reach this goal of mine.
Decide to Not Go to College
If i get into bad things during high school, I might decide to not go to college. If I don't do well in high school, I might not get the grades I want to in order to go to the college I want.
Get Involved in Partying
In college, there is lots of pressure to drink and do drugs. This could be a limiting factor in how well I succeed in college.
Dropped Out of College
If I hang out with the wrong crowd in college, I might drop out of college. This could lead to not getting a good job.
Not Get a Job that Can Support a Family
If I don't continue to get good grades and to continue my education, it could inhibit me from getting a good job
Graduate High School and Go to College
I would like to graduate high school at HHS and go to a small division 3 school and play field hockey. At this school I would like to possibly major in some science.
Moving from Philadelphia
When I was young, I moved from Philadelphia, PA to New London, NH. This was a limiting factor in my life because it's a place I miss and would like to return to. I would've had a different childhood had I continued to live in the city.
Get Into Graduate School
Out of college I would like to go to graduate school. Although I am not sure for what, it would be an event that would move me toward a good job.
Have a Stable Job that I Love
I would like to have a stable job that provides well for me, but also something that I love to do.
Getting In Honors Biology as a Freshman
Freshman year I got into Honors Biology and I think it really sparked my interest in science. Although it was hard, it pushed me to work hard.
Going to GLC
One summer I went to Girls Leadership Camp at KUA and was really influenced by the women around me. It was a turning point in who I want to be in the future.
Traveling when I was young gave me a sense of other places in the world. It opened my mind up to other ideas and places.
September 7, 2002
First semester sophomore year I got distracted and didn't do as well as I wanted to.
My Personal Goal:

My personal goal is to stay away from the limiting factors that will disable me from reaching the goals that I want along the way. This activity has been beneficial for me because I can set goals and think about where I want to be and what will help me get there. I can know think about decisions more wisely and do things based on how much farther they will get me towards my goal.
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