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The Lottery

No description

griffin cox

on 28 August 2014

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Transcript of The Lottery

Mr. Summers
Mr Dunbar
Old Man Warner
Mr. Graves
Bill Hutchinson
The theme of the story is the Village Lottery. It culminates in a violent murder each year. A bizarre ritual that suggests how dangerous traditions can be when people follow it blindly. Before we know what kind of lottery they’re conducting, the villagers and their preparations seem harmless.

The effect of the traditions in "The Lottery" is once a year. They kill one random person in the town and the effect of that would be bad. What if it was a store owner who's wife gets chosen to be stoned. How would her family live there life without there mom/wife.
Compare and Contrast
The Characters
Dark and mysterious and somewhat scarey.
A small town in the North East area of the United States on June 27.
Effects of Traditions
In the book the town doesn't have a name. But in the movie the town is called New Hope.
In the movie the people had different jobs. Old man Warner was the Mayor. In the book he was just an old man.
In the book there was no Jason character. In the movie there is.
In the book it made the lottery sound more gory and dark. In the movie it wasn't that bad.
In the movie there was more people in the town and less in the book.
Shirley Jackson
Shirley Jackson was an interesting person by the books she wrote and the things she did such as the witchcraft she practiced.
Shirley Jackson was born on December 14' 1916
died 48, 1965
Modern paganism, also known as contemporary paganism, and neopaganism, is a group of contemporary religious movements influenced by or claiming to be derived from the various historical pagan beliefs of pre-modern Europe. Although they do share commonalities, contemporary pagan religious movements are diverse and no single set of beliefs, practices, or texts are shared by them all.
Paganism is compared to the lottery because they both have to do with human sacrifice and they do it to keep peace in the town.
of heart failure
''The Lottery''
by:Shirley Jackson
Griffin Cox
Chad Rogers
Matthew Nielson
Ryan Suaste
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