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The Cathedral of Canterbury

No description

Helebel Garrido Doncel

on 29 February 2016

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Transcript of The Cathedral of Canterbury

Characteristic of Canterbry Cathedral
• This is the first gothic style church in England.
• The central tower was demolished and rebuilt after 60 years.
• Fan vaulting: nerves stretched from the pillars.
• French choir, with reminiscences.
• With simple and composite pillars.
• With semicircular chapels.
• With stained glass.

Cathedral's treasures
-Hubert Walter’s chalice.
-The Vestments of Hubert Walter.
-The library of this Cathedral is the most important of United Kingdom. It has a lot of historical books.
historic context
Architectonic style
and small review
The style of the Cathedral of Canterbury is gothic during his priory. Norman central tower was destroyed and 60 years old later rebuilt.
Geographic situation:
It's found in the East from United Kingdom. It's 1h and 34 min from London. (60,8 mi.)
The Canterbury Cathedral
Historic context
He established his seat within the Roman city walls and built the first cathedral there, becoming the first Archbishop of Canterbury. Since that time, there has been a community around the Cathedral offering daily prayer to God this community is arguably the oldest organization in the English speaking world. The present Archbishop, The Most Revd Justin Welby, is 105th in the line of succession from Augustine. Until the 10th century, the Cathedral community lived as the household of the Archbishop. During the 10th century, it became a formal community of Benedictine monks, which continued until the monastery was dissolved by King Henry VIII in 1540.
San Agustin, the first Archbishop of Canterbury, arrived on the coast of Kent as a missionary to England in 597 AD. He came from Rome, sent by Pope Gregory the great. It’s said the Gregory had been struck by the beauty of Angle slaves he saw for sale in the city market and despatched Agustin and some monks to convert them to Christianity, Agustin was given a church at Canterbury by the local King, Ethelbert whose Queen, Bertha, a French Princess, was already a Christian. This building had been a place of worship during the Roman occupation of Britain and is the oldest church in England still in use. Augustine had been consecrated a bishop in France and was later made an archbishop by the Pope.
Buried characters
They were buried in the cathedral:
• Thomas becket, the fourth archbishop, because in a dispute the king said who could save him from the man and his guards fought him man of killing him. So they wanted to bury him there.
• Edward, the Black Prince was buried there by being the first son of Henry III. Edward was named count, duke and prince and the young man died in battle.

1.- John boys house.
This place is only the facade of a particular house to be fully tilted .
The house itself was built well , the subsequent amendments were ended by giving that position.
She underwent a change in one of its chimneys . The contractor should not do a good job because from the time the house was bent to the side.

2.- Gervase of Canterbury and the meteorite on the Moon.
At sunset on Sunday 18 June 1178 , the eve of St. John , a strange event occurred on the moon and could be completed by five monks who were enjoying some leisure time in the gardens before dinner . The moon was under new moon but suddenly the upper horn seemed to split in two and separated. Between the two horns came a brilliant flash that threw fire, coal and sparks on the moon's surface . Then, the moon turned black for a few minutes and gradually regained its normal state.

Writer and book
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