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Campus IT & Your Path to Success


Gregory Stauffer

on 23 July 2016

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Transcript of Campus IT & Your Path to Success

Campus IT & Your Path to Success
Connecting Is Simple
Get from Orientation...
...to Graduation
It Starts with Your IdentiKey
Key to online services
10 character PW
Security questions
Don't let parents set it!
Network Access Everywhere
UCB Wireless
Residences also wired
Limit Interference
personal access points
wireless printers
Use IdentiKey to get online
UCB Guest
Email for Life
Official messages
Check it frequently
Compute Safely
Safety First
Right Tools for the Job
Free Antivirus
Use Firewall & Up-to-date Software
Laptop Registration
File back-up: Google Drive & OneDrive
Copyright & Fair Use
Tools for Success
Computer & Device Recommendations
CU Book Store: www.cubookstore.com
Printing w/ Buff OneCard
Discount academic software: www.colorado.edu/oit/licenses
VPN: pipeline to campus resources
MyCUInfo portal
Need Technology Help?
OIT's Mission: To Help You Succeed
Walk-in Desktop Support
Phone & Email Help
What You Need to Know
1. Your CU-Boulder IdentiKey is...
A. Needed for registration
B. Not needed until classes start
C. Used to login to most online services
D. Should be set by your parents
E. Both A and C
What You Need to Know
2. Your CU-Boulder email account
A. Is where official university correspondence is sent
B. Should be used for university business such as contacting faculty or administrative offices
C. Is accessed at mail.google.com
D. Should be checked frequently
E. All of the above
What You Need to Know
3. Regarding online file sharing...
A. Students don't have to worry about it as they won't get caught
B. Is legal when done in an academic setting
C. The university is legally required to respond to notification of copyight violations on its network
D. None of the above
What You Need to Know
4. When I have a question about campus technology I can...
A. Call 303-735-HELP
B. Email help@colorado.edu
C. Walk into the IT Service Center
D. Walk into the Norlin Commons
E. All of the above
Let Us Help You Succeed!
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