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Stay E- Safe

No description

sammy pocock

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of Stay E- Safe

By Samantha Pocock Staying E-Safe Stolen data People go to a lot of trouble to get your personal data, some of which rummage through bins, then go to online banks and sign in as you and take your money. This is a quick and easy way to clear all of someones money from the bank .
Ways to steal your data:
picking up receipts and anything with your personal details on.
Phishing emails.
To stay safe take receipts and other data home with you and shred them to make sure scandals get your details.
Don't hand over any personal details to emails that are not from the correct business etc. Shopping safely online You can make sure that you are shopping safely online because there should be a padlock on the URL showing that it is a safe website and you can proceed with ordering what ever you need to. another way to make sure that you you have shopped safely is if there are any problems like your order hasn't been delivered or something like that then you should keep your order information so you can prove to them if there is any problems and if they are scammers you could have evidence towards an investigation so many other people don't get caught. Thing To Do Online There is a large variety of things to do online here ae a few things:
online shopping
searching for info
online banking
school work
and so many more . reducing the risk of viruses With all of the diffrent viruses on the internet you need to protect your computer. There are lots of diffrent protection packages that you can buy and download but you are best to research what is best for you and your needs.
norton/ http://goo.gl/IsNlA
mcafee/ http://goo.gl/lD6iP
kaspersky/ http://goo.gl/wtIZB
comodo/ http://goo.gl/8hKp
these are well know computer anti virus that are safe and reliable. just remember to always prtoect your computer and make sure that you keep yourself safe by keeping all your details to yourself and not to a fraudster. E-Safety
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