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City of Ember Timeline

No description

Emilio Navarro

on 19 February 2014

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Transcript of City of Ember Timeline

City of Ember Timeline
Chapter 3 - Under Ember
Doon was very exciting because he would be to the Pipeworks, and she would do something useful in his life. He was surprised to look the river "face to face". He was like familiar with the Pipeworks because he since he was kid about how it works, all about the generator, etc..,
Chapter 15 - Desperate Run
Doon was thinking of how do they can get out all the people of Ember in one boat but they were looking more and they found a door with many boats. They will say the people in the Singing about the escape plan but the next day, Doon said Lina that the Mayor and guards were looking for them, there were posters about a reward if someone gives them to the Mayor, so then, Doon and Lina decided to leave Ember.

Lina doesn't know if she leaves or take Poppy with her because it was dangerous to take her with them.
Chapter 10 - Blue Sky and Goodbye
Granny had a fever so Lina ask to the doctor to went to see her. The doctor said to Lina to stay home that day and to make her soup. When she staid that day she start to draw with Poppy to maintain her occupied and Lina drew an imaginary city with the sky blue. The next day, she went to see Granny and something terrible happened.
She found Granny dead...
Chapter 2 - A message to the Mayor
Lina gets to the house and she found a box that Granny was looking for. But there is a problem; Poppy has eaten the piece of paper that were inside, so Lina gets the sheet of paper and to arrange everything and to discover what was written.
Chapter 1 - Assignment Day
That day, all the children go to the Gathering Hall to get their jobs until they grow. Lina wanted with all his heart to be a Messenger, that job was given to Doon and to Lina was Pipeworks.
Doon doesn't wanted to be a Messenger so he exchange for being a Pipework.
Chapter 6 - The Box In The Closet
The people of Ember usually talked about the blackouts, when it happened all the people get like shocked and in silence. The whole experience of blackouts they had never experienced was of 7 minutes.
The next day all the people get in meeting because the Mayor had to said something to them but it was like distortion and some people don't heared.
Chapter 11 - Lizzie's Groceries
The next day of Granny's death, Mr. Murdo took care of Lina and Poppy, then she told Lina that they would have to go to live with her, and that she had an extra room. The Singing when all the people of Ember sang the three songs of Ember, was coming soon.
Lina saw Lizzie came out from the Supply Depot with a rarely behavior. She and Looper had taken some things that nobody in Ember known. Lizzie to get the secret offered some thing to Lina, but Lina felt guilty to accept the thing and that the other people doesn't have, so she declined the offert.
Chapter 7 - A Message Full of Holes
Lina had quite almost all the pieces of paper of Poppy's mouth. Then she took them to her room and she pasted all the pieces with glue and spend all the night looking for what was the sheet of paper about. She ask to the Captain Flerry for help to resolve the message; but he take it like a joke.

Then, she go with Lizzie for help but she don't payed attention to Lina because Lizzie was wierd because she had stoled something.

Because Lizzie and Captain Flerry didn't payed attention to Lina she decided to wrote a letter to the Mayor about the message that was without solve yet.
Chapter 14 - The Way Out
All the people of Ember get out of work soon and when Lina was like depressed, Doon run with her and said that he founded the place they were looking for, they went there and they foundd a rock with an "E" marked. They get to a room and they found matches and candles, to explore the room they make fire and they mantained it with the candle, they founded something named "boat" and other things named "paddles". So, with that they realized that the river was the Exit from Ember.
Chapter 4 - Something Lost, Nothing Found
Granny explains Lina that she heard his grandfather saying that there was something lost and that he couldn't find it. The next day Lina stopped at their's neighbor's place.

Lina taked a message to the greenhouse were his father died. Clary, a "friend" of Lina worked there and then, they heard a strange sound, it was like a roar. It was louder each time until a man walked out of the darkness.
Chapter 5 - One Night Street
Mr Murdo gets more confused and she had spended more of her time searching more things of "the thing" that had lost.
All the workers of Lina's age get the Thursdays off and in Thursday Lina goes of shopping. She had heard about one store that have colored pencils and more extraordinary things. So Lina went to the shop with Poppy in Night Street.
Looper showed the colored pencils and Lina confused about was colot to choose she chooses the blue and the green one.
Chapter 8 - Explorations
Doon started to explore the Pipeworks because he finished his work quickly, he started to look for interesting bugs.
He discover a tunnel that goes to nowhere and there it was a mysterious door.
After a time he went to the Embers Library to look for information about fire, nobody in Ember was like familiarized with the fire so he decided to look in the books.
Chapter 9 -The Door in the Roped-Off Tunnel
Doon's father told Lina that Doon was in the library, she search for Doon because she had something important to say her.
Doon said Lina that she had seen some closed off tunnel and Lina ask her to see them. When nobody was in the Pipeworks they went to see them. When they get to the principal closed off tunnel, the heard that someone was coming so they hide.
Chapter 12 - A Dreadful Discover
Doon finished quickly to fix something in the Pipeworks and she went to get a look to the closed tunnel, she figured out that the mysterious door was open with a key. She opened the door quietly and he saw packages, clothes and someone in a chair. He was the mayor, they knew because the next day, he said to the people of Ember that he had a solution. And they also figured that Looper was helping him. So they told to the guards all that they figured out.
Chapter 13 - Dechipering the Message
Lina goes with Clary for help with the Instructions. They realized that it was: "Instructions for Egress". Lina tells Clary about the Mayor that was stolling things, they realized that all the people had darkness inside them. Lina goes with Doon for help also and because of all the things Doon can't sleep. He thinked that some rocks that had like letters marked were like a clue to discover the door for the Ember exit.
Chapter 16 - The Singing
The guards take to Lina to the Gathering Hall into a room to wait for the Mayor. He would take her to the Prission Room but like she was 12 years old, he don't do it. The lights get off and she escape from the room. Out, they were all the people of Ember singing the three songs of Ember.
Chapter 17 - Away
Doons went to the place were Lina and he will
meet, he felt lonely and he do a letter for his
father. The lights went off and he get worried
if Lina doesn't come, but when the lights went
on he saw Lina come with a backpack, inside was Poppy. For a reason they figured out that
they will need some ropes. They get down and they put the boat on the water.
Chapter 18 - Where The River Goes
The river was first faster and with rocks but then it get calm and slowly, when Doon light up the candle they saw that they were like in a big cave. Poppy founded a rare book, then Lina and Doon sit to eat some Doon's food. Lina remembers in that moment that she forgot to give Clary the note of how to escape, now that they can't do anything they followed the paths.
Chapter 19 - A World Of Light
In the entrance of the path there was like a message from the Builders welcoming them and telling that it will take a few hours to reach the top. There was a big journey to cross. They had to carry Poppy a few minutes each one. When the candles get off, they realized that it wasn't dark anymore. When they finished their journey they saw a black sky with tiny lights and a round big light. While they meal something they started to read the book that Poppy founded.
Chapter 20 - The Last Message
The book was about an old woman describing that there was a disaster and they went to an underground city "Ember". Lina and Doon started to look for a way to get back to Ember. They didn't found anything so they wrote a letter to the people of Ember and they throw it with a rock with Instructions of how to leave Ember......

Emilio Navarro Villagrán
8ºA Language Artist

The City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau.
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