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My life

No description

Darien Chan

on 29 March 2013

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Transcript of My life

Friends and Family I spend a lot of time with my family and friends, especially on the weekends. With them I can be myself and express who I am, and I have a lot of good times with them. My Life Out of School Swimming I've been swimming for about ten years and it has always been a way to escape. Being in the water just feels good, whether it is hot or cold. Swimming has made me more fit and I have gained a lot of experience, making me more patient and mentally tough. I plan to get a scholarship for my swimming and swim through college. I work hard and practice every single day, for one of my goals is to go to the Olympic Trials. Darien Chan Alameda High School 2013 This is for academic purposes only My Inspirations Friends Family My mom My Coaches Freestyle What is Competitive Swimming? A lot of my friends are also my teammates who practice with me. We have had a lot of great memories traveling, practicing, and hanging out. We always bond and become very close to each other. They influence me and motivate me when I'm down or have a bad day. They make me a better person and i learn a lot from them everyday. To me they are like a second family. My family has always been there for me, especially my brother and my mother. They've always supported me when I race and they always help me out with things. I am most thankful of my mom, because she has willingly sacrificed a lot for me to be happy and successful. Digital Citizenship In swimming one of my best strokes is freestyle. I have swum many freestyle events in junior olympics. One of my favorite events is the 100 yard freestyle, which is the one event I am most proud of because in the meet in Seattle I went a best time of 49 seconds and won my heat. Now I am one second away from qualifying for sectionals. The people who inspire me really make me a better person. They teach me about how to be a good citizen, and how to treat others. They've also given me life lessons, and they inspire me to be a hard worker, a humble person and a responsible person In all of my ten years of swimming, I think my coach Spencer has been someone I have looked up to. He is committed to helping me become a better swimmer as well as a better person. He has taught me that swimming isn't all serious and that I should have fun racing. He always has a good attitude no matter how bad anything is and it shows me to make most of life even when it is hard. He's taught me to be a good sport and shake hands with my competitors and to never worry about how bad or good I do. My other coach, coach Dominic, has motivated me to persevere and keep working hard. When he was younger he got hit by a car and he was no longer able to walk most likely for the rest of his life. But he didn't listen to anybody and worked on getting better and walking again. And when he started walking again he started to swim again. He always believed he could get better and he did, graduating from the university of California. This really inspired me to keep working towards my goals no matter how hard it gets, and to be more patient with my swimming performances. When I see him, I feel like there is no limit to what I can do. I just have to put my mind to it and not let anybody tell me I can't do anything. My mom has always had an impact in my life. Not only does she spend a lot of time for me, but she has taught me about how to be a good person. She's always on the back of my mind when I'm doing my schoolwork or when I'm practicing. She has showed me how to be kind, loving, real, live every second as if it were my last. Swimming is a physically and mentally stroke. Unlike most sports, swimming is year round and practices range from 8-10 times a week. The commitment that I have demands determination and will power to wake up on early mornings and stay late nights to start and finish practice. Swimming utilizes all parts of the body at the same time and keeps the heart pumping blood. Athletes that swim competitively gain a lot. One thing that I have learned is to have a good mindset when I'm doing things, like when I race, my mindset can completely change the whole outcome. I've also gained a lot of determination and mental toughness, discipline and hard work. One thing I've learned is to believe in myself; believe I can do something, even if nobody else does, and it will make all things possible.
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