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SMB15: Analysing Online Profiles

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Rhianne Joseph

on 11 August 2016

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Transcript of SMB15: Analysing Online Profiles

Step Forward Online Profile Analysis:
Step Forward already posts updates and articles relevant to them and this will increase their LinkedIn presence.
Step Forward Online Profile Analysis:
Step Forward doesn't post regularly enough to maintain impressions or engagement- regular posts keep followers interest and attract attention.
Step Forward Online Profile Analysis:
Step Forward shows that they have knowledge and experience in their industry but they need to establish themselves as a thought leader by constantly posting relevant quality content and by becoming ambassadors and advocates of apprenticeships.

Through doing this Step Forward will empower people and instill a two way trust between them and their audience (mainly employers).
Profile Analysis of a similar organisation:
Student Ladder is a school leaver scheme promoter. They provide information and support to help year 13 leavers pick a path to go on after to college. They have various online profiles but I am going to focus on their LinkedIn page.
Profile Analysis of a similar organisation:
Student Ladder are not receiving any engagement on their LinkedIn page. As you can see from the image on the previous slide the articles they post do not receive any likes, comments or shares and this is consistent if you scroll down.
Profile Analysis of a similar organisation:
Moreover, their content is repetitive in that it is all educative new- breaking up this style of content with other types of content could increase engagement.

Possibly include features about students who have used them and found success- this could be used as evidence to support Student Ladder as being successful at what they do.
What is an Online Profile?
An online profile is a constructed social identity used by people and businesses to interact in/with online communities.
SMB15: Analysing Online Profiles
Potential Security and Privacy issues:
Profile Cloning:
Hackers can clone an online profile and create a secondary account- sending requests to the people that the original profile had. They can also create a completely different account on a platform that the original profile didn't previously have.
Social Phishing:
Hackers can create fake websites that look authentic to get people to provide sensitive information e.g. passwords and financial information.
Competitors can find you and access what you post etc.
Identity Publicly Exposed

Step Forward could use their expansive network to find potential employers. They can look for developed company profiles- ideal employers should consistently post relevant engaging content for their followers. Advanced search can be used to find employers in the right location, industry and size with good years of experience.
Content that features associates or broaches the subject of how apprenticeships benefit the economy receive the most engagement and impressions- so content like this should be published more frequently.
Step Forwards LinkedIn page isn't peaking the interest of those who are in managerial positions. Step Forward should investigate and find out what content engages them.
A recommended fix to this could be to use LinkedIn analytics to figure out who their audience is and what their interests are and possibly tailor ther content to that without drifting from their own interests
Characteristics of an online profile:
Plan and Focus:
Online Profiles should have a strategy to posting and goals set
Commitment and Consistency:
They should consistently post and should be able to anticipate and fulfill their audiences needs
Attitude and Ethics:
They should have a positive attitude when posting online- motivating people. They should stay ethical as they won't want to hurt the integrity of their profile
Those in charged should be well trained at posting etc. and assessing the success of social participation through analytics
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