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College Softball Coach

No description

Allie Cooper

on 22 January 2015

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Transcript of College Softball Coach

Education Needed?
You need to start off playing Softball. You will need playing experience, coaching experience, and a bachelor's degree from an accredited university. You need to know the understanding of softball. You need to know the rules.
Skills Needed?
Athletic Ability
Teaching Ability
Learning Ability
Role Model
Speaking Skills
Work Environment?
The college softball coach environment would be on the softball field, passed hours working with the players, meeting rooms with other coaches, office making game plans, and a lot of media rooms trying to recruit players. This is the perfect environment for me because I love being on the softball field, it is something I can turn too. I also like talking with other coaches seeing what they teach and seeing what I can put into play in my softball career. I also like thinking things through for the game plan. I love to watch videos of people getting recruited to different colleges for softball. I think it fits all my interests and what i want to do.
Do I think I will always want to do this?
I think this job is something I will always want to do. Softball comes naturally to me. Its something I can turn to when I don't have anybody around. Yes, one day I am going to get tired of it but I am never going to quit. Softball has been my best friend my entire life. I hope I can play and coach softball till I die.
Is being a softball coach a high paying job?
College Softball Coach
Allie Cooper
3rd White Day
Mrs. Thomas

A college softball coach coaches college girls wanting to achieve their dreams. If you are a college coach you can coach different divisions. There are three divisions. Division one, which are schools that have a bigger budget, larger population, and more athletic scholarships. Division two and three are smaller schools, smaller budget, and half scholarships. College coaches can recruit the players they want.
You need athletic ability because as a coach you have to be able to show the players proper form and you have to be able to run through drills with them.
You need teaching ability because you need to be able to teach them the right way. If you can teach you can keep your job a lot longer.
You need to be able to learn new things. You are going to have to go to camps to learn the newest information. That's how your going to be able to keep your job. Your going to need to know the newest styles.
Your going to have to have the skills as someone who is a good "team worker". You are going to be dealing with a bunch of people and are going to be working with most of them.
Your going to have to be a good role model. The college kids you coach will be looking up to their coach. You have to be a good role model.
Your going to need speaking skills because you going to have to speak in front of people about your team.
Freshman team in 2012
Jv/Varsity 2013-2014
How much you get paid depends on what school you are coaching at. If you are coaching at a Division one school you are most likely to make $50,000 a year. If you are working at a Division two or three you would most likely make $40,000 a year.
First interesting fact....
Second interesting fact...
Third interesting fact....
Some college coaches choose players that have good personality over a player that could get them a championship game.
The longest college softball game played was 25 innings long, Texas A&M defeated Cal Poly Pomona 1-0 in 1984.

Most college softball coaches don't give full ride scholarships. They mostly give three fourths of the scholarships or half scholarships.
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