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Arlyn and victoria

No description

lib hist

on 31 August 2016

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Transcript of Arlyn and victoria

medal of honor
U.S Americans highest military honor
Given by the President
Acts of valor
George H. Bell
George was a Union Navy Sailor in the American Civil War. He began maritime career at age 14. He sailed to the to the Atlantic Ocean, Baltic sea, Black sea, Caribbean sea, Indian Ocean, ect. Mr.bell was docked in NY city in May 12, 1861, enlisted in the US Navy. In July, he jioned the USS santee as a sea man and he was quickly promoted to coxswin because of his experience. George H. Bell was awarded the Medal Of Honor 2 yrs later July 10, 1863. He died sep. 26 1917 age 78.
The ability to do something that figthtens one
Mary Edwards Walker
She was the only woman who recieved the medal of honor. She was a feminist, prisoner of war, and a surgeon. She was a spy. She was captured by the armed forces after crossing enemy lines for helping the wonded.After war, Ms.walker was a writer and lecturer supporting women's suffrage Movement, until she died in 1919, Feb 24 ,age 86.
High respect ; esteem
Great courage in the face of danger especially in battle
Love of and devotion to one's country
Sammy L Davis
Sammy was a volunteer for artillery just like his father. Davis was in the vietnam war. On november 18,1967 his unit was helicopted to cailay. Davis came under heavy attack and was badly injured. Davis had the abilty to save three of his "Brothers" and kill many enemys single handedly.

Veron Baker
Veron in need of a job and wantin to serve his country he enlisted in the army. Baker being the only black officer was in command of machine guns squads and two mortar squads. His unit was told to launch a dawn assult against Castle Aghinolfi, moving up a mountain he spotted cylinder objects at first he thought they were flash suppressors he got closer then he realized they were obsevation scopps, he stuck his rifel into the slit emoting the clip killing two germans.
In our opinion all four soldiers showed great valor, honor,courage and patriotism. These four soldiers worked hard for this medal and they deserve it.
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