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Legend By Marie Lu

My Book Project For Language Arts

Diana Dalski

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of Legend By Marie Lu

Legend By Marie Lu Day & June Main Characters Day is a rebellious fifteen year old, who's the most wanted criminal of the Republic of America, he's like a shadow in the night, untraceable in the data systems, committing crimes most couldn't pull off, evading capture, and challenging the system, he stays free and lives by his own rules with his best friend Tess. Ever since he was ten, this was how he lived and continued to live, that is, until the day he meets June Iparis. June Iparis is a fifteen year old skilled prodigy agent of the Republic of America, she had been fascinated, and envied even, some of the mischief that the highly wanted criminal Day had been able to pull off. June herself had pulled many stunts, feeling that the curriculum at her College, Drake, wasn't to her par. But when her brother is murdered by the notorious Day, June makes it her mission to track down the criminal and bring him down. But as she does so, June begins to learn more about her "Beloved" country and it's hidden secrets. Setting Legend takes place in the a dystopian society, called the Republic of America, set in the future, 2130 A.D. , after drastic floods and storms have destroyed and swallowed up much of the land all over the world, a war has broken out over the land of the once free America and the West is claimed by the Republic of America, who fights against the Colonies, who took over the eastern parts of America, the war continues to rage on throughout the story. Most of the story takes place in Los Angeles in the Republic of America Info: Number of Pages: 305
A bit of Romance
Themes Present:
Things are Not as They Seem
Don't Trust Blindly
Corruption Doesn't Exist in the Open, But Behind Closed Doors Plot Do I Like Them? Can I Relate? I do really like them both, June in particular because she's so strong, brave and cunning, she makes a great role model. But Day's also really cool and more diverse and deeper than just a "criminal".
I can relate to June because she's really smart and although I'm not as smart I still think it through and try my best like her, and I relate to Day because Day cares about his family a lot and so do I. Conflict & Climax Recommendation & Rating June Iparis is an agent-in-training, but when she comes home from being suspended at her college, her brother, Metias, is murdered by the criminal Day, and June is soon graduated early and joins the same squad that Metias was in, and is assigned the job to track down and bring in Day. June begins to learn more about Day, studying his files and figuring out why Day had been at the hospital that night he killed Metias. June soon goes undercover in the poor sectors of Los Angeles, and finds more information and help towards the capture of Day June Iparis must find her brother's killer, Day, but how and where, when he's been so evasive in the past? Climax: Conflict: June finds and captures Day, but as she uncovers more about Day, she finds that she fell in love with him while undercover, she also finds that Day, isn't Metias's killer, so now what does she do? I do recommend this book to everyone, but I also warn that it's second book has a cliff hanger so you may want to wait until the 3rd book is out on Nov. 5th , but it's a great book, especially if you're a fan of Dystopian societies, if you liked Hunger Games or Divergent you'll probably love this book!
I'd rate it a 10, because it was fairly easy to follow, really exciting and all-in-all a great read! Series Legend is the first of the Legend series, next is Prodigy and then Champion, which comes out Nov. 5th. The Author: Marie Lu Marie Lu was an art director for a video game company that specifically made Facebook games. Before that, she spent about 2 years after college working at Disney on their video games. She is now a full time author though.
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