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Using Prezi in the Classroom

10 ways to use Prezi in the classroom. Several benefits of using Prezi for both students and teachers.

Max Everhart

on 25 November 2010

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Transcript of Using Prezi in the Classroom

Using Images Using Videos Using text Using animation Using frames Using surprise Using repetition Why use Prezi? Multimedia can improve
retention New teaching format can engage disengaged students Nonlinear instruction,
nonlinear learning For students Extends beyond classroom Spark a love of learning? For instructors Exciting new mode of instruction Continue professional
development, learning Fewer bored faces in class Indulge your creative side Express individuality Top 10 Ways to use Prezi! Using PowerPoint Using PDF Using Windows Movie Maker FOIL First terms Outer terms Inner Terms Last terms Note the colors Here's your BRAIN!! Masking Run... ...to use Prezi! Awesome dog. is FUN!!! 4 P's of Job Interviews Preparation Professionalism Persistance POSITIVITY This is a frame. Biology. Sociology. Nursing. Frame lessons Witches scare me. Use Prezi. Morphing Moving Sweet
Hair! Big Heart! Nice
Teeth! Buy a condo
on Saturn! I want
spaceship! BANG! WELCOME TO THE PREZI UNIVERSE!!! Cool spaceboots Specific text Hide
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